Can’t stop won’t stop

…..listening to and, against my better judgment sometimes, liking Bruno Mars’ stuff. I mean there are the obvious good songs of his – Just The Way You Are and Marry You, for one two. But Grenade’s a little crazy. And so is this one. But dammit if it doesn’t have a good melody. Tangent: WhenContinue reading “Can’t stop won’t stop”

Really good at not keeping up

Yeah. So about that running thing. I’m probably gonna need to start over. I suck at a) running; b) motivation; c) life, apparently. Just kidding about that last one, but I do feel awfully shitty for stopping. And then not starting again. I don’t know what my problem is. I was doing so well thereContinue reading “Really good at not keeping up”

Just when you thought we were done with EXTREME weather…

Dear Mother Nature, Are you mad at us? Did we do something to upset you? I know we have this going for us, but at least we’re not the absolute worst. Or is it something else? It has to be something pretty bad to deserve three pretty horrible bouts of EXTREMECRAZYANNOYINGHORRIBLERANDOM weather freak-outs in theContinue reading “Just when you thought we were done with EXTREME weather…”