No time like the present

I am not the best at New Year’s Resolutions. Coming up with them and sticking to them is a recipe for an anxiety attack, most of the time. For me, anyway. For you, maybe it works. This year, I mentioned to a couple of my friends that I wanted to hear what their resolutions were,Continue reading “No time like the present”

The power of persuasion

You guys, relentless hounding, hinting, nagging, bugging, suggesting and blogging on the subject really does work! ‘Cause guess what this girl got for Christmas? In all seriousness, though, it’s much more and much nicer than I expected and I’m blessed to have gotten it. My parents and sisters are the best and they’ve covered justContinue reading “The power of persuasion”

Looking for a good present to get me? It rhymes with shmamra.

Oh hey there. I was just thinking earlier today that it’s about that time. About that time when I remember that people that buy me birthday/Christmas presents read this blog. And hopefully, they are susceptible to blatant hints. On account of there’s something I want. And not that i expect it but it would beContinue reading “Looking for a good present to get me? It rhymes with shmamra.”

Not-so-subliminal messaging

‘Member how I’m getting better at photography? Guess what would help that even more? Isn’t she pretty? Not mine, yet, but that’s where this blog – and hopefully my family – comes in. You see, I don’t need much in life – I buy my own DVDs and groceries and pay my bills. And whenContinue reading “Not-so-subliminal messaging”