The most famous-est

Yeah, so, I’m just gonna leave this right here…


P.s. I took that earlier this year, in case you were confused. Without zoom. I love Derby Season…


Baby, you’re a firework…

Which reminds me, I see her in concert again in TWO WEEKS. Be still my heart.

Anyway. Remember how I played around with taking pictures of sparklers/fireworks last summer?

I did it again. And I think I’m getting better.

Regardless, it’s so much fun and I got some great shots this time around, too.


It’s settled. I need more sparklers in my life.

‘Tis the season…for photo booths

There are few things more fun than a photo booth. It’s pretty much par for the course for a wedding reception to have one anymore… so being that I am trying to become more of a professional photographer that does weddings and such, I thought I should try to start getting in on it.

Plus, I just love photo booths. That’s all that is on my refrigerator right now – photo booth strips. It’s a sickness.

Earlier this spring, I was looking for things to add to my Amazon wish list (because addicted. Also poor.) and happened upon a really great deal on photography stuff. So I ordered a backpack (that was then stolen in Boston, but more on that later) and some filters and other cool stuff. The most important part of that purchase? A remote.

The first time we tried a photo booth with my camera it was at the Murder Mystery Party for New Years. It worked pretty well, but to take the picture you had to keep going over and pushing the timer on it and running back into place. No bueno. Remote solved all that.

So you better believe, that starting with the first of the several parties we were attending, I was going to test it out.

Well, correction, we tested out the props first.

And then, the day we had both Liz’s wedding shower and bachelorette party – the photo booth became very important because we used it at both.

I’m thinking it was a hit..

And some self-promotion real quick… hosting an event and looking for a photo booth? I’m your girl!

(Some of the) Class of 2014

I don’t know if I want to say the photography thing is taking off because that might jinx it but it kind of is.

Thus far I’ve done a lot of photo shoots – weddings, engagements, family pictures and baby pictures.

But the thing that’s gotten me the most exposure (get it?) and has kept me pretty dang busy this summer/fall is senior portraits.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph several seniors, most of them this year! It’s some of the most fun I’ve had, and I’m grateful every time someone trusts me and my talents with something so important.

Here’s a peek at a few from each shoot I did with this year’s group.

Went to the chapel..

..but I wasn’t the one who got married. Don’t worry, y’all will know long before that happens someday.

Nah, my most recent wedding is one where I TOOK THE PICTURES. Like, the official pictures. That people buy. And will keep in their house forever.

Yes I’ve done this twice before (most recently last summer for my BFF, Ashley).

But this wedding was for someone I didn’t know personally until she called and asked to meet me to discuss photographing her wedding.

She got my business card from my therapist, of all people, and liked my portfolio and what do ya know, the second weekend in August, I was shooting a special day for a sweet couple in maybe one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen.

I gave them about 500 or so to choose from. Here are a couple less than that.

Baby steps

I’m working on this whole photo thing. And I am getting so much better, dammit. I can take a senior portrait like nobody’s business (which reminds me – a post of those is headed your way soon) and I just did my THIRD wedding photo shoot.

So while I am definitely keeping all that up, there are a few camera-related tricks and things I want to try.

I got a C in my photography class in college – it still stings a little to say – but I’ve taught myself more than I was taught in there.

Now to play with the aperture and lenses and f-stops and whatnot. That technical stuff I was supposed to learn in college, but again, I didn’t. NOT MY FAULT.

On my list of stuff I want to do in my life, a big/little thing is light painting photography.

I am NOWHERE even close to near almost kind of knowing what I’m doing, but I played with it a little when the weather was warmer and my friends/cousins volunteered to play with sparklers so I could try.

Here’s what we got.






Like I said, it’s a work in progress….but I’m gonna keep at it.

Pretty people

My camera and I have just recently passed our one year anniversary. It’s been a lit more than a year since I successfully campaigned for a DSLR for a Christmas present and since my family is awesome, my campaign worked.

I think I’ve taken probably 10,000 pictures this past year. That’s a rough estimate, because it went just about everywhere with me (and still does) that I can take it without fear of it getting messed up somehow.

I’ve shot two weddings, a senior, a first birthday, my pregnant bff and her family – twice – and five!! engagements.

Been busy, y’all.

And for those of you who haven’t seen on Facebook, I’m pretty proud of my work. It also doesn’t hurt to have pretty people to take pictures of. I just push a button.

So, let me share with you some of my recent photography, starting with the engagement shoot for my roommate and his lovely lady, and then one for my friends Kristen and KC.

IMG_9301 copy














There was also some maternity photography and that shoot made me even more excited because my next one with those guys (and girl) will be when Baby Cook gets here!







So yeah. Basically this is me showing off, and trying to get you to hire me for all your photography needs.

In all seriousness though, I love every minute of this photography thing and I hope it continues to grow!