They’re bound to be tired of me by now

It’s been a little over a year since I moved back in with the parents…something I should have done after college to save some cash and pay off some bills but I’m stubborn and didn’t so here I am now. For the past year, I’ve taken over the “home theater” in the basement, and I’veContinue reading “They’re bound to be tired of me by now”

“My life is in shambles”

Not really, it’s just in boxes. But the above is what I keep saying, jokingly, as an excuse for just about everything. Didn’t you just wear that shirt the day before yesterday? Yes. But I have no idea where any others are. My life is in shambles. Why were you late today? Because I hadContinue reading ““My life is in shambles””

Secret ingredient

So at youth group, we let the youths cook. Yeah, I really just said “youths” so I could use that gif. Because I love it so much. We gave them the ingredients but no recipes. However, next time they would like things to be different. Jonathan, twelfth-grader: “Next time we should get to bring ourContinue reading “Secret ingredient”

Squirrel…dry cleaner…same thing

My parents are not making it easy on themselves when it comes to keeping them out of the blog. Everything will be fine and dandy and uneventful and then we go out to dinner with them and I wish I had it on video. Since I don’t, you’ll have to settle for a partial transcriptContinue reading “Squirrel…dry cleaner…same thing”

Looking for a good present to get me? It rhymes with shmamra.

Oh hey there. I was just thinking earlier today that it’s about that time. About that time when I remember that people that buy me birthday/Christmas presents read this blog. And hopefully, they are susceptible to blatant hints. On account of there’s something I want. And not that i expect it but it would beContinue reading “Looking for a good present to get me? It rhymes with shmamra.”

Real talk

The following are excerpts from real conversations my parents have had with my sister and I in the past week. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent. ————————————————– Baby Einstein: So at school, we took these tests to see what animal your personality is most like. Dad: Oh yeah? What’d you get? B.E.:Continue reading “Real talk”

Momma said…

This is my mom’s column, which appeared with mine in this week’s edition of the newspaper where I work. She’s so awesome for agreeing to do this, and awesome in general. 🙂 And my dad’s so proud, it’s cute. He’s been showing copies of the paper to everyone. I had to go across the streetContinue reading “Momma said…”