Incredible and insane

I think when OK Go plans their music videos, they start out with the thought “What’s the most random thing we could do this time?” And then they go like, 100 miles beyond that. You know I love them. Their music is great and I’ve been a fan since college when a former roommate introducedContinue reading “Incredible and insane”

What happens when you mix awesome and awesomer

Y’all know I like the Muppets. And OK Go, in addition to doing amazing songs, does amazing videos, as I shared with you here and here. And there’s this movie coming out around Thanksgiving you may have heard a little about, but I’m sure it wasn’t from me…. So perhaps, to get people excited forContinue reading “What happens when you mix awesome and awesomer”

This band is why MTV should still play videos.

There’s this band I heard about from one of my college roommates. They’re called OK Go and if you have no idea who I’m talking about, it’s that band that did an entire music video with a routine on treadmills. Amazing. Their last video was even more awesome and remains the coolest one I’ve everContinue reading “This band is why MTV should still play videos.”

These are a few of my favorite things…

I am a good sharer. Maybe it comes from being the oldest sister and cousin and always having to share with the younger kids. Or I’m just an awesome person. I like to share things I like with other people – I hear a funny story, see a good movie, hear a great song, IContinue reading “These are a few of my favorite things…”