Ah, November. The month of Thanksgiving. The month before Christmas. The month where the feeling outside goes from “oh, I need a sweatshirt” to “HYPOTHERMIA” unless, of course, you live in Kentucky, where today it was warmer than it was a month ago. It’s also the month where my good friend and maybe yours, ECZEMAContinue reading “NECzema”

Always aware

It’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. I could spout off facts for you, if you want, or I can send you over to the Alzheimer’s Association’s site. They do a much better job. I could tell you how it’s affected my family, but I’ve done that. In fact, you can read the most recent example here. IContinue reading “Always aware”

Another stab at poetry

One time I wrote a post that was mainly haikus. Most people didn’t understand it, especially my dad, who wondered what the correlation was between my subject matter — how much I love truTV — and the haikus themselves. There was no correlation. Isn’t that the whole point of poetry? Nothing needs to be madeContinue reading “Another stab at poetry”