Not a poet and I know it

I have been known to dabble in poetry. You know, there was the couple of times I decided haikus were a good idea, not to mention that poetry book I had to write in high school that my sophomore English teacher looked at for eight seconds before giving me (and everyone else who completed it,Continue reading “Not a poet and I know it”

They liked me, they really liked me

One of the great things about being a journalist is getting to meet people. And they always like you. The following was said to me once by a former county official at a past job when I showed up at an 8 a.m. meeting (but the paper’s offices didn’t open until 9): “We thought we’dContinue reading “They liked me, they really liked me”

Yet another missed calling, perhaps, except for the screaming thing

If I wasn’t a writer, or a Broadway star or Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend I’d totally be a preschool teacher. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty awesome with kids. They love me. Seriously. I’m fun. They can sense it. Ask anyone who’s seen me any Wednesday morning – when I babysit little Spanish-speaking kids,Continue reading “Yet another missed calling, perhaps, except for the screaming thing”

My dad’s proud that he knows who “Little Wayne” is

Here’s the column my dad wrote for the paper. In honor of Father’s Day, I’ll share it with you guys. He’s funny. And self-deprecating. And like I said yesterday, doesn’t give himself nearly as much credit as he should. Must be where I get it from. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading thisContinue reading “My dad’s proud that he knows who “Little Wayne” is”

My dad doesn’t give himself enough credit

It’s where I get it from, I’m convinced. So. With that in mind, here is my column from this week’s paper – our Father’s Day edition. It’s like what we did for Mother’s Day. My dad wrote a column that ran next to mine. I’ll post his tomorrow. For now, read mine. 🙂 Please? AboutContinue reading “My dad doesn’t give himself enough credit”

I wouldn’t exactly call it a break…

Hey remember when I used to write this blog? Yeah…about that. I haven’t written in a week, but I have good reasons, so don’t hate. I’ve had a bunch of ideas for posts in the past week, but no time to write them. On account of my job. And my life. And sleep deprivation. LetContinue reading “I wouldn’t exactly call it a break…”

Momma said…

This is my mom’s column, which appeared with mine in this week’s edition of the newspaper where I work. She’s so awesome for agreeing to do this, and awesome in general. 🙂 And my dad’s so proud, it’s cute. He’s been showing copies of the paper to everyone. I had to go across the streetContinue reading “Momma said…”