A few of my favorite things

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but those who’ve read for a while – or go back and read old posts when they’re bored – will recognize that I’m actually doing all of you a favor. You see, I have pretty good taste in, well, all kinds of things. So I’ve gathered severalContinue reading “A few of my favorite things”

Everything I know I learned from television

Once upon a time – at my previous job – there was talk of sending a reporter to spend the night in jail to write about the experience. It never ended up happening, but I like to think I’d have done just fine if I’d been chosen. (I had a 50/50 chance as there wereContinue reading “Everything I know I learned from television”

The best show I never watched. Until it was cancelled.

There’s a few shows people have always told me I should watch, but I never seem to listen. I mean, I’ll get to them eventually, but I already have too much to keep track of on the ol’ TiVo as it is! Thank God for Netflix. Because of Netflix, I’m caught up on a showContinue reading “The best show I never watched. Until it was cancelled.”

Yeah these movies are totally similar….no.

Netflix is just about the best $10 I spend a month. i love movies and wasn’t renting very many when I had to drive to Blockbuster and deal with getting the movie returned on time and seriously MOVIES COST $5 NOW. So I discovered Netflix, and the joy of getting a movie when I getContinue reading “Yeah these movies are totally similar….no.”