Grandpa Kardashian and Grandmother Nollner

Sometimes when our immediate family is together, we talk about when my parents become grandparents one day, what they might be called. Growing up, we just called all four grandparents “Grandma” and “Grandpa.” And differentiated with last names when we needed to (mainly Christmas present labels). But now it’s a little different. And my sistersContinue reading “Grandpa Kardashian and Grandmother Nollner”

One name, like Britney. Or Liza. Or Snoop.

On very rare occasions while driving, I’ll change radio stations. In doing so, I leave my favorite local station, 100.5 – which plays music from my childhood-high school years and STEP BY STEP, OOH BABY. GONNA GET TO YOU G-I-I-I-I-R-R-R-LLL. The station I usually choose is 98.9 because those DJs on 99.7 make my brainContinue reading “One name, like Britney. Or Liza. Or Snoop.”

M for “Mistaken Identity”

I’ve never thought my name was all that common. I mean, I know other Lauras – I work with two and am related to a third – and my last name is the same of a big real estate company in town but I’m not related to them. And then there’s my middle name. It’sContinue reading “M for “Mistaken Identity””