A magical night

Once upon a time last week, my friends/cousins/sisters and I had a Girls Night. Originally our plan had been to watch Sharknado 2 together, because OBVIOUSLY. However, luckily for us and you, that plan got changed to the classic piece of cinema entitled “Magic Mike,” on account of the majority of the girls hadn’t seenContinue reading “A magical night”

A long overdue screening

How is it that I’ve gone this long without seeing Scarface in it’s entirety? Not sure. But that ends today. I’ve seen bits and pieces on TV (heavily-edited) but never watched it from start to finish. Also, it’s really frigging long! A couple of the parts I have seen are crazy, though, so I figuredContinue reading “A long overdue screening”

What happens when you mix awesome and awesomer

Y’all know I like the Muppets. And OK Go, in addition to doing amazing songs, does amazing videos, as I shared with you here and here. And there’s this movie coming out around Thanksgiving you may have heard a little about, but I’m sure it wasn’t from me…. So perhaps, to get people excited forContinue reading “What happens when you mix awesome and awesomer”

22. The Christmas Story

No, not the movie, that’s already been covered here. I’m talking about THE story. THE reason we even celebrate this holiday in the first place. THE story you’ll hear Thursday night – or Friday morning, depending on when/if you head to church during the holiday. It’s a story we all know, the birth of Jesus.Continue reading “22. The Christmas Story”