Miss you

As you know, on this blog in 2012, we’ve started honoring some of my family members (when I’m a professional blogger I’ll branch out to friends as well) on their birthdays with a photo and a list I make about them. In March, there are two birthdays that are tough. They are the birthdays of my grandfathers, both of whom have passed away – one in 2008 and one just this past September. I miss them both, all the time.

This is my grandpa H. He would be turning 75 this year. That’s still so young.

I miss him very much.

Happy birthday, Grandpa.

Guess who’s back…

After almost two months – the majority of which I was computer-less at home – a couple holidays, the beginning of a new job and the removal of an appendix, guess what. I’m back.

Get excited.

No, seriously. Because it’s looking like I’m gonna have copious (hey vocab word) amounts of free time in the next week so you’re gonna see so many updates from me you might get annoyed. Or you might love it. To each their own.

I have a lot to tell you all about and I can’t wait to do it. But for now, enjoy these songs to remind you that, um, I’M BACK! I’ve missed this.

And yes, both of those artists are favorites of mine. I’m eclectic like that.