…And you will hereafter refer to me as such

You might have heard that I work with teenagers at my church.. If you haven’t, I suggest reading one or all of these before going further: • Chaperoning at the Happiest Place on Earth • Wherein I am either the worst chaperone or the best one • Joining the club • Self-esteem boosters with SarahContinue reading “…And you will hereafter refer to me as such”

Leave a comment and get a prize!

Oh yeah. You read that right. You see, a few weeks ago, one of my bffs and fellow bloggers, Ash, did this nifty little thing on her blog. She’d gotten it from someone else and the idea is to keep it going. This is what I got in the mail from her: Yep. They’re awesomeContinue reading “Leave a comment and get a prize!”