That girl who used to blog a lot

I knew it was too much…blogging every single day for a month straight. I spoiled y’all with that 30-Day Song Challenge and now I haven’t written in a couple weeks. Before you judge though, I’ve since been entrenched in Baby Einstein’s end-of-school-year stuff. Like graduation and parties and such, which are finished as of yesterday.Continue reading “That girl who used to blog a lot”

I’m a nice person, I think…

Attn: Everyone Just because I may not be the “smilingest” person or may at times be unfiltered from my thoughts to what I say does not mean I dislike you, have a problem with you, hate you or whatever. For as long as I can remember, people have thought I am mad, sad or don’tContinue reading “I’m a nice person, I think…”