Gardening is for girls

Yesterday I went to one of the local elementary schools and shot some pictures of students planting tulips in honor of Red Ribbon Week. Everyone got to plant one, but while the girls were interested in talking about the flowers and seeing if they could have a turn to plant another bulb – the boysContinue reading “Gardening is for girls”

Perhaps I should have taken her advice…

I have a cavity. This weekend I have to get it taken care of. In other news, I just drank a chocolate milk. If only I’d listened to the kids.. An exchange between four-year-olds while playing with the Fischer-Price kitchen stuff during the Sunday School class I helped teach yesterday: Will: What do we haveContinue reading “Perhaps I should have taken her advice…”

Jamaica, land I love/A new perspective

For the second time, I went with a group from my church to one of my favorite places in the world: Mandeville, Jamaica. This year, I’ve begun working with the church’s youth group as a youth leader and when they needed chaperones, I signed up. I definitely wanted to be a part of the trip.Continue reading “Jamaica, land I love/A new perspective”

Things to make you smile

Top 5 funniest videos I have seen in the past few days/weeks. Thanks mostly to my friends, co-workers and The Soup.. watch these and don’t laugh, I dare ya. ** Plus one kind of creepy one – Katie, I know you like Julie Andrews so I don’t know if you’ll want to watch it.. TwoContinue reading “Things to make you smile”