Well when you put it that way, it does sound ridiculous…

That whole meat-free thing? Still going strong. Well, correction, not strong, because Friday night I got a whiff of a McDonald’s hamburger and I know they’re horrible but for about 40 minutes I really missed them. I only was near McDonald’s because that’s where I took my favorite six-year-old, Will, to dinner while babysitting him.Continue reading “Well when you put it that way, it does sound ridiculous…”

Chaperoning at The Happiest Place on Earth

I may have mentioned it a few ten times, but I spent MLK weekend in Orlando, chaperoning 11 kids – middle-schoolers and high-schoolers through a youth faith conference/time at the Disney parks. Lots of fun, lots of rides, lots of standing, dancing, singing, running to get ahead of teenagers who had no idea where theyContinue reading “Chaperoning at The Happiest Place on Earth”

You better get used to this stuff

Other gems from four- and five-year-old Sunday School: Dottie (teacher): God told Abraham and Sarah they would have as many children as there were stars in the sky. How many do you think that is? Johnny, 4: Eight! Dottie: Miss Laura told us what her name means, what about you, Johnny? What does your nameContinue reading “You better get used to this stuff”

Pretty sure that name didn’t appear in the Bible but bonus points for creativity

I’ve signed up to help teach four- and five-year-old Sunday School because I’m a glutton for punishment I enjoyed helping Rachel out when she was teaching last year and the one week I’ve attended so far did not disappoint. The lady that’s doing most of the teaching (I’m there for cat-herding and craft assistance) isContinue reading “Pretty sure that name didn’t appear in the Bible but bonus points for creativity”

The creepiness of the music of the night

More often than not, friends and family members will pass along things that they’ve seen/heard at their jobs they know I will enjoy. This is the reason I have a ceramic bear holding a heart that says “Your sweet.” (Your sweet what?) It’s also the reason you’ve gotten to read the chronicles of cubicle neighbor-dom.Continue reading “The creepiness of the music of the night”

This kid is awesome

In addition to several adults we spent time with during our trip to England, we also got in some QT with my cousin’s 6-year-old son, Alistair. One of the funniest kids I know, seriously. The one-liners kept coming all week and there’s so much that made us laugh..I don’t know where to start. You’ve alreadyContinue reading “This kid is awesome”

Too old for me to boss around

Today my first roommate, my former car-twin, the girl who once upon a time idolized me to the point where she’d say in her cute little voice, “I wiss my name was Lawa,” turns 24. Happy birthday, little sister. I love you. And if you’re lucky, I may let you come over and watch meContinue reading “Too old for me to boss around”

Where everyone should get their advice

I’ve told you before about my occasional fill-ins as a Sunday School teacher for four- to six-year-olds, when my sister or the other teacher can’t be there. It’s a fun little class and I usually leave with several hilarious words of advice or ridiculously cute and outrageous overheard conversations. And today was no exception. AfterContinue reading “Where everyone should get their advice”