Diary of a hypochondriac, day 10066

7:30 a.m. I can’t get out of bed. My body physically rejects parting from the flannel sheets. Too. warm. and. cozy. to. move. 8 a.m. Step out of bed, left foot first. Still hurts. Something’s gotta be broken or bent or something in there. On account of it was stepped on. By a stiletto. AlmostContinue reading “Diary of a hypochondriac, day 10066”

Top 10, take two

To kick off blog birthday week, my suggestions this week are a bit on the self-promotion side. OK, they’re all the way on the self-promotion side. I can’t lie to you guys. This week my blog turns two. Hopefully, unlike I’ve heard it is with kids, this two-year-old won’t have anything remotely close to terrible.Continue reading “Top 10, take two”

The Girl Who Cried Appendicitis

An appendix looks very similar to a small dog’s tail. And it’s a completely useless organ that we haven’t needed since we were cave-people. And every so often, it swells up and causes the worst pain you’ll ever feel, after which a nice lady will tell you it needs to come out. And then aContinue reading “The Girl Who Cried Appendicitis”

Property owner

No, I didn’t buy a house. But I do own two pieces of land. Islands, in fact. They’re kind of close together, but most of the time they’re moving and they’re farther apart. Oh, and they have the same name – Bone Island. Before you get your mind all in the gutter, a bone islandContinue reading “Property owner”