Closets, closets everywhere

You know that episode of Friends where Chandler finds Monica’s messy closet? She’s so annoyingly clean and organized in every other part of her life but she has this one closet in their apartment just full of crap that spills out as soon as he gets it open. Here’s a clip if you live underContinue reading “Closets, closets everywhere”

Subjecting myself to the grossness

I’m gonna watch Hoarders. For the first time in a few months. Not because I don’t like it anymore…but the last time I saw it there was a lady that ate something nasty that had been in her fridge for like, 10 years. Ew. But it has been requested that I watch an episode andContinue reading “Subjecting myself to the grossness”

Hoarders a.k.a. my weekly reminder of why I like cleanliness

Usually when I watch this show I tweet about it. And usually several of my friends do, too. But on account of Monday was Halloween and we all had more important things to do, I watched late. And I will make up for my lack of tweeting when it was on by writing this forContinue reading “Hoarders a.k.a. my weekly reminder of why I like cleanliness”