#TBT Tunes: Double trouble

I’m writing this whilst suffering from insomnia. But posting it later – the magic of technology.

But what better way to entertain yourself when probably everyone else is asleep than to go through old CDs and laugh at your taste in music 10 or more years ago?

Yeah, so, we already revisited my old mixes numbers one, two, three and four.

Tonight? Five and six.

Lawa CD 5, y’all
Track 1 – “When You Say Nothin’ At All,” Alison Krauss.
That breakup took a LONG-ass time to get over. Dang. Apparently we are now at the “But he was so great, not a total asshole, remember the good times” stage. Pfft.

Track 2 – “Underneath Your Clothes,” Shakira
See comment on track one.

Track 3 – “Leavin’ On A Jet Plane,” Chantal Kreviazuk
I wore out this version.

Track 4 – “Baby Mine” Alison Krauss
I think I had just seen O Brother, Where Art Thou and was obsessed with Alison Krauss’ voice and found everything she’d sang that wasn’t on that soundtrack that I’d already listened to 19,000 times. Also this is the song from Dumbo that is heartbreaking.

Track 5 – “We Danced,” Brad Paisley
Yeah I wasn’t completely out of the country phase at this point..

Track 6 – “First Date,” Blink 182
Well this is a change from the previous track. Shit.

Track 7 – “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Britney Spears
*hangs head in shame*

Track 8 – “Think Of A Reason Later,” Leann Womack
Catchy as hell. And the lyrics are funny.

Track 9 – “Bring On The Rain,” Jo Dee Messina
Ohhh country music is really good for depression.

Track 10 – “You’ll Be In My Heart,” Phil Collins

Track 11 – “#1,” Nelly
Because that’s naturally what should come next, duh.

Track 12 – “I Got You Babe,” Sonny & Cher
I don’t even…

Track 13 – “Wherever You Will Go,” The Calling
You guys, this CD is making weird noises in the laptop and I’m afraid it might break it. So that totally means I need to break/rid the world of this CD. You’re welcome.

Lawa CD 6 is subtitled “Country Mix 1.” Um, young Laura, I beg to differ. I believe there have been a couple country mixes preceding this one. But whatever.

Track 1: “Prayin’ for Daylight,” Rascal Flatts
Fun fact: I saw these guys in concert like, four times.

Track 2: “Tall Tall Trees,” Alan Jackson
What’s he doing these days?

Track 3: “I Breathe In,” Chris Cagle
And, what’s HE doing these days?

Track 4: “Write This Down,” George Strait
Take a little note…

Track 5: “What If She’s An Angel,” Brad Paisley
I forgot about this song. This is boring, are you bored?

Track 6: “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive,” Travis Tritt
‘Member how Travis and I are BFF?

Track 7: “Strawberry Wine,” Deana Carter
Oh man, this song. You know what it’s about? Well, one time I sang it with my best friend and my ex at karaoke and in the middle of it (after several alcoholic beverages) I called out the ex and said “Oh hey, remember that?” HAHAHAHA. Sorry again, Rebeck.

Track 8: “Forever and Ever Amen,” Randy Travis
I will always love this song.

Track 9: “The Lucky One,” Alison Krauss
Oh, there’s Alison Krauss again.

Track 10: “So Complicated,” Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Track 11: “Amazed,” Lonestar
This is a prom song.

Track 12: “What I Really Meant To Say,” Cyndi Thomson
These CDs are where one-hit-wonder country singers go to die.

Track 13: “When I Think About Angels,” Jamie O’Neal
See previous track.

Track 14: “I’m Moving On,” Rascal Flatts
Please tell me this song is a clue to the end of the depression/super-awful song choices on these mixes. At least for a little while…

Track 15: “She’s In Love With The Boy,” Trisha Yearwood
Fun fact: My sister hates Trisha Yearwood.

And with that, I’m sleepy. Hopefully CD 7 is much better..

#TBT The most beautiful piece of artwork you will ever see

Hey. So. I’m about to share something with you all that only few know about or have witnessed. A very select few, and the majority of them have lived in the same house as me since I or they were born.

You’re so curious right now, aren’t you?

I’m gonna make you wait just a minute more.

You see, middle- and high-school Laura was an exceptionally boy-crazed young woman, who had a job beginning at 16 and babysitting jobs before that so the funds to buy a ridiculous amount of those teeny-bopper magazines.

That situation led us to this:

photo 1

Oh, but there’s more.

photo 2

photo 3

That magnificent work of art is still on the back of the door I occupied as a teenager, the one my youngest sister now occupies when she lives at home. She has yet to remove it because, well, it’s part of the house now. It’s too beautiful to touch. And it’s hilarious.

photo 5

I think that’s BBMak?

Also R.I.P. Heath and Paul. Still hurts.

Anyway, it took me a long time to get the courage to share this part of my past with you, my friends and readers. So feel free to start laughing now.

#TBT Tunes

After the last monstrosity, I honestly don’t know what to expect on this one. Your guess is as good as mine. So..here we go.

Track 1: “I Learned That From You,” Sara Evans
Obviously still in the depression. I’d definitely just been broken up with. ‘Cause that’s when I WORE THIS SONG OUT.

Track 2: “Come What May,” Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
I will never NOT love this song though. Real talk.

Track 3: “Something Like You,” NSYNC
Oh Lord. I have failed as a fan. Completely forgot about this song. So much so that the weird instrument at the beginning had me thinking it was Kenny G. Also: Baby Justin Timberlake!

Track 4: “Crush,” Dave Matthews Band
Fun fact: This was me and an ex’s “song.” Vomit. Hate him. Love the song though. Maybe I won’t throw this CD away like I did the last one.

Track 5: “Angel,” Dave Matthews Band
Another good one. Jennifer is judging right now but Matt is totally agreeing with me.

Track 6: “Selfish,” NSYNC
Really? Another lost NSYNC song. Didn’t remember this one either. I’m returning my NSYNC Christmas CD. Not worthy.

Track 7: “The Dance,” Garth Brooks
AKA one of the saddest songs ever written. I want to tell high school me about Prozac.

Track 8: “Your Song,” Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Ewan McGregor, you have the voice of an angel.

Track 9: “The Healing Kind,” LeeAnn Womack
I can’t wait until we get back to my rap rebirth.

Track 10: “The Storm,” Garth Brooks
Every track has made me more disappointed in myself.

Track 11: “Cold Day in July,” Dixie Chicks
Is it over yet? Sidenote: You really can’t beat Dixie Chicks when it comes to belting songs in your car or drunk karaoke.

Track 12: “Without You,” Dixie Chicks
Another breakup standby. Bet this is on at least 3 other mixes, btw.

Track 13: “Two People Fell In Love,” Brad Paisley
AKA wedding/anniversary song schmoozefest

Track 14: “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” Garth Brooks
I love this song so much. And Rachel and I sing it loudly together and we especially like the part (and sing it EXTRA loud) when he says “Hello Samantha dear, I hope you’re feelin’ fine….and it won’t be long until I’m with you all the time.” Because sister.

Track 15: “Gone,” NSYNC
And I’m sad again. Good grief.

Track 16: “All My Life,” KCi & JoJo
Remember what I told ya ’bout these guys?

#TBT Tunes

We are on Lawa CD 3, kids.

Let’s do this.

Track 1: “Two Pina Coladas,” Garth Brooks
OK I might actually listen to this entire song. Old school Garth…nothing like it. And he remains one of like three country artists whose albums I can listen to in their entirety.

Track 2: “Helplessly, Hopelessly, Recklessly,” Jessica Andrews
I’m sorry you guys, this was my country phase. I don’t know what’s coming next. Don’t judge me too harshly.

Track 3: “Angry All The Time,” Tim McGraw
Yeah, the title kinda says it. I think I was probably majorly depressed at this point. Must have gotten dumped not too long before this was made. This is a good song though. I’m singing along.

Track 4: “Already There,” Lonestar

Track 5: “With You,” Lila McCann
Damn, I keep waiting to go to the next one and it be some Ja Rule or Nelly. Also – what happened to some of these people? I haven’t heard anything about them probably since I made this CD.

Track 6: “Cowboy Take Me Away,” Dixie Chicks
Liz and I absolutely KILL this song at karaoke. In a good way. I think. After several margaritas.

Track 7: “Any Man Of Mine,” Shania Twain
Oh shit. Shania.

Track 8: “One Way Ticket,” LeAnn Rimes
Here’s where you can really feel sorry for me. Not only because LEANN RIMES. But because I still know all the words. I have for all of these. Do I remember half of the stuff I learned in high school? Nope. But every word to every song on every single mix I’ve got? YOU BET. (Sidenote – is this not the MOST 90s video EVER?)

Track 9: “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” Kenny Chesney
NOT AGAIN. I’m breaking this disc once this post is done.

Track 10: “Why They Call It Falling,” Lee Ann Womack
Inner monologue before this song starts “Please don’t have any more Kenny songs on here…”

Track 11: “The River,” Garth Brooks
Such a depressing mix of songs. What year was this? Who had hurt me? I blame KD. I blame all my high school drama on undiagnosed depression and KD.

Track 12: “Wide Open Spaces,” Dixie Chicks
Aw, remember when the Dixie Chicks were relevant? And good?

Track 13: “The Healin’ Kind,” Lee Ann Womack
Lord, help 16-year-old me. She’s a hot mess.

Track 14: “Friends in Low Places,” Garth Brooks
More Garth Brooks live. This one’s about getting drunk, which I actually never did in high school. #wastedopportunities #bandnerd #highonlife

Track 15: “Cowboy in Me,” Tim McGraw
I mean, I thought they’d at least KIND of pick up by now..

Track 16: “I Reckon I Will,” Lila McCann
Obviously loved me some two-hit wonder female country singers at this point in life.

Track 17: “Telluride,” Tim McGraw
Good song, but thank God this is the last track.

#TBT Tunes

In honor of Throwback Thursdays, I’d like to share with you a new (old) bit of awesomeness.

Last week, I got the awesome idea to start looking through my old mixed CDs for those burned in high school and college.

I have laughed, I have cried, I have judged myself.

This week we revisit “Lawa CD 2.” Get ready to live…

Track 1: “Who I Am,” Jessica Andrews
This isn’t starting off well.

Track 2: “Everything I Do,” Bryan Adams
What the…. what was wrong with me at this point?

Track 3: “Who’s That Girl?” Eve
OK, I was beginning to wonder. And get very nervous for tracks 3-17.

Track 4: “Put It On Me,” Ja Rule
Also known as me and Rebecca’s song. “Where would I be without my bay-bay??”
Ja Rule, man. I love him.

Track 5: “Can I Get A…” Jay-Z
Now, if you had heard just the first two songs on here – hell, even just the first one, would you have known this one was comin’?
If that fact surprises you, you don’t know me at all. But seriously I don’t know why those first two are part of this mix.

Track 6: “Play,” J-Lo
I’m sensing a pattern in my life at this point…

Track 7: “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” Kenny Chesney

Track 8: “I Hope You Dance,” LeAnn Womack
I might break this CD once I’m done writing this blog.

Track 9: “I Want You To Want Me,” Letters To Cleo
Ah, the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack……

Track 10: “Danger,” Mystikal
This is officially the weirdest mix CD ever made.

Track 11: “Stutter (Remix),” Joe feat. Mystikal
I did love me some Mystikal back in the day. And this was the jam.

Track 12: “Ride Wit Me,” Nelly
There he is. Wondered when he’d make another appearance…

Track 13: “Digital Get Down,” NSYNC
I’m laughing so hard I can’t see the computer screen. IT’S ABOUT SEXTING/SKYPE SEX. They were so progressive….

Track 14: “Shake Ya Ass,” Mystikal
WHAT DID I SAY about Mystikal?!?

Track 15: “So Fresh So Clean,” Outkast
Now known as the song I sometimes sing out loud after a shower.

Track 16: “Born To Fly,” Sara Evans
Also known as the first and only song I ever sang solo at karaoke and am still recovering from it….moving on….

Track 17: “Utha Side,” Nelly
I dare you to find a Nelly song (pre-duet w/Tim McGraw) that I don’t still know every single word to.

These can only get better, y’all. Maybe.

New Year’s Eve Mystery: The Case

Like I said in the last post, when I thought about wanting to do a Murder Mystery Party at some point, I knew who I was asking first – the Game Night group. I knew they’d take little to no convincing, as we tend to like dressing up to play games because that’s pretty much the only way to get us to play a full game anymore – unless it involves alcohol.


This time, the only alcohol was a shot before the game (for the adults) and the rest was saved until the case was solved. And thank God, too, because there was a lot to keep straight. I was giggly without alcohol. I just kept looking around the room saying “My dream has come true.”

It’s really better to show you how the night went, rather than tell you. But the gist of it is, everyone has a part to play and everyone has a motive. The murderer didn’t know they were the murderer until after they’d committed the crime (which basically was us turning off the light for a second and then back on and looking at Oreo – our pretend victim – and screaming).


(Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this post. Nor were they hurt at the event. Nor have they stopped being called Steve sometimes.)

The rest of the night we spent questioning and blaming and talking about each other – because that’s what our assignments we received said to do. However, not a single one of us guessed who the murderer was when that time came at the end. Wasn’t the alcohol’s fault – or our acting, everyone put on a good show. We just didn’t look at the provided “evidence” close enough and therefore none of us should be detectives in real life. Except maybe Brendan. He was close at one point.

Some highlights of the evening:
– Caitlin fainting after the murder
– Jennifer’s voice getting progressively deeper the further she got into character
– Jennifer helping Rachel with stretches (as seen here)


– No one talking about it beforehand but all deciding to treat Liz the same way (as someone you don’t want to be talking to for longer than about 10 seconds). I was the only exception, because I was her lawyer.


– Shane somehow convincing everyone to give him money.
– The dance-off



– Rachel dancing along w/Janet Jackson on TV, but on a delay
– Sami and Austin’s in-character drama
– Shane going full guido in the middle of the game and also sounding a lot like Fonzie from Happy Days
– Shane checking envelopes and drinks for Chuckie before he handed them to him
– Brendan’s accusing of so many people
– Matt just giggling and smiling a lot
– Watching my best friends have so much fun with this party and saying how much they wanted to do it again once it was over.

So here is (part of) our night in photos. I love these kids.

New Year’s Eve Mystery: Cast of Characters

Once upon a time, I got an email from Groupon (as I do every day, sometimes annoyingly) with their daily deals. Leading the email? A $30 deal for a Murder Mystery package. Half the price it usually sells for, to get a 150+ page PDF of just about everything you’d need to host your own event.

You guys, I’ve wanted to host or attend a Murder Mystery party for a long time. Like, ever since the Clue-ish episode of Saved By The Bell. And then again when Hef and the girls did one at the Playboy Mansion on an episode of Girls Next Door (I miss that show…the original one, not the second group).

So naturally, I bought the deal. And I knew just who would go for participating and helping make my dream come true. (I aim high, y’all.) I pitched it to the Game Night Bitchezzz and they were sold immediately.

We held a sort of vote, narrowing it down from the 40 or so possible scenarios to three. The one we ultimately went with was a High School Reunion. As we enjoy having themed events (see: a future Field Day post since I forgot to post about it after it happened last summer and the summer before, whoops)

The story and craziness from that night are too much for one post, so for now I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version as well as your cast of characters and a few other tidbits about them.

The Scene: Murder High (like, really? Couldn’t come up with a better name for it for $30?) Class of 1983 30-Year Reunion
Fun Fact: Only one person in attendance had been born in 1983. The rest of us were after.
Other fun fact: None of us could do the math right and swore this reunion was happening in 2003, therefore looked up fashion and music styles from both 1983 and 2003. #geniuses
The crime: AV Geek Steve Spielson (or Spielman, I don’t remember) who ended up a big Hollywood producer/hotshot or something gets killed at the reunion. But who did it? ‘Cause we all had motives.


Terry “T.J.” Johnson
– Former hall monitor, current crossing guard and host of this reunion
Played by: Jennifer
Snazzy accessories: Homemade hall monitor belt and police hat
Characteristics added by the actress portraying her: Butch lesbian with a girlfriend named DJ, deep voice, carries around handcuffs though she has no reason to use them. Or does she?
Quote of the night: “DJ and I lumberjack on the weekends.”


Randy Reporter – Former newspaper editor, now works at the Wall Street Journal
Played by: Brendan
Snazzy accessories: Fedora and reporters’ notebook and pen
Fun facts: Fearless in accusing anyone and everyone, only one who had any idea who the actual murderer ended up being (wasn’t him).
Quote of the night: After he saw in his bio where he had supposedly worked previous to the WSJ, “What’s Playboy?”


Byron P. Keaton –
Math team captain turned accountant
Played by: Matt
Snazzy accessories: Pens in his pocket, TI-83 calculator, bowtie
Fun facts: May have turned T.J. straight at the reunion, at least for a minute.
Quote of the night: We are still not sure because nobody recalls hearing him talk. Thus, the suspicion.
Side story: Byron had evidence in his possession, despite the fact that T.J. asked him several times if he had any and he didn’t know/didn’t turn it over. Again, thus, suspicion.


Molly Ringworm – High school drama queen turned famous actress
Played by: Caitlin
Snazzy accessories: “Emmy” and “People’s Choice Award” which may or may not have actually been from elementary school sporting events, sunglasses, pearls and leather jacket (two of which were left at the party)
Fun facts: Caitlin was appreciative of this character because she said since she has had ringworm it only made sense that was her last name.
Quote(s) of the night: “I’VE MISPLACED MY ENVELOPE!” “Where is my envelope???”

Cindy Crawfish – class flirt who now runs an online dating website
Played by: Anna
Snazzy accessories: Hotness.
Fun facts: Kept going into the other room talking to Chuckie (Class President) with whom she SOOOOOOO was having an affair! Also, at least two of us offered to keep her secrets if she gave us a free account on her dating website.
Quote of the night: “YOU SLEPT WITH STEVE????” (to Sami)

Nick Nixon – class president who is now running for POTUS
Played by: Chuckie
Snazzy accessories: A full suit, brought home from Boston for the sole purpose of this party, and buttons that said things like, “Vote Nick.”
Fun facts: Chuckie was class president for almost all of high school so it was only right that he played this part.
Quote(s) of the night: To Anna, “It’s not you, it’s me.”


B.A. Barricade – BA, of course, stands for Badass, which he was in high school. Now he does security for Nick.
Played by: Shane
Snazzy accessories: Earpiece like a Secret Service guy, sunglasses, neck tattoo that says “Make Good Decisions.”
Characteristics added by the actor portraying him: Ability to change accent at the drop of a hat. May or may not be related to Fonzie.
Fun facts: Ended the night with pretty much everyone’s money.
Quote of the night: “Does anybody else have more than $2,000?”
Side story Liz told me about: “Shane asked Brendan to look out for suspicious people. Later, almost at the end of the night, he approached B and asked ‘So you see any suspicious people around here?’ Brendan looked around the room, looked back at Shane and said ‘Nope.'”


Joe Nebraska – The most popular guy at our high school and now, a high school gym teacher.
Played by: Austin
Snazzy accessories: Letterman’s jacket, swag.
Characteristics added by the actor portraying him: Animal magnetism. Two ladies had a dance-off over him.
Fun facts: This was Austin’s third-ever event as one of the Game Night Bitchezzz and you’d have thought the man had been there from the beginning.
Quote of the night: “Have fun on Christian Mingle!”

Natalie Nebraska – Head cheerleader who now works as a manager at a discount store, Joe’s wifey.
Played by: Sami
Snazzy accessories: Super-high ponytail, matching letterman jackets with Joe.
Characteristics added by the actress portraying her: Hair-twirling, cheerleader-ish moves in every day life, sassy attitude.
Fun facts: Participated in a dance-off against Pamela for Joe’s affections to the classic love song, “Bootylicious.”
Quote of the night: To Anna, “It was just once! In community college!!”


Pamela Abdul – Head of the dance team, now a choreographer, in a feud with Natalie.
Played by: Rachel
Snazzy accessories: Legwarmers, obviously.
Characteristics added by the actress portraying her: General peppiness, sassy attitude, killer dance moves, choreographed for Janet (Jackson, duh).
Fun facts: Participated in a dance-off against Natalie for Joe’s affections to the classic love song, “Bootylicious.” Janet Jackson dance on New Year’s Eve choreographed by her, as evidenced by her doing the dance moves right along with Janet…with a 2 second delay.
Quote of the night: After every time she took a bite of food, “My trainer’s gonna kill me.”


Dani Drums – Band nerd, still a musician but now more on the professional side
Played by: Liz
Snazzy accessories: Marching band wind suit and band clinic T-shirt, clarinet on which she kept only playing Hot Cross Buns.
Characteristics added by the actress portraying her: General nerdiness, super-pissed off at Steve, ability to make everyone at the reunion leave a conversation immediately.
Fun facts: At least two conversations with Dani started with the person saying “Oh hey, how are you?” and turning around and leaving as soon as she started to talk.
Quote of the night: “I’m gr…”

Bobbie Bright – Valedictorian, Most Likely To Succeed and now, obviously, a lawyer with her own practice
Played by: Me
Why there’s no photo of me right here: Because photographer.
Snazzy accessories: Graduation gown and a button that says “The Greatest.” Also, business cards and Harvard T-shirt.
Characteristics I added: Just kept telling everyone how I went to Harvard Law and was valedictorian. And how I do all kinds of law, so if anyone needed legal representation.
Fun fact: Totally didn’t go to Harvard. Also laughed most of the night so I didn’t really have any good lines.


Steve Spielson – AV geek turned Hollywood producer or whatever he was.
Supposed to be played by: Cory
Was actually played by: Oreo

Oh, P.S.: Mugshots.


Building that portfolio

So I guess this photo thing is a Photo Thing. I can now add senior portraits to the resume/list.

Last weekend, I took my pretty lil’ cousin Anna’s senior pictures, even though she’s still way too young to be a senior in my opinion. And my little sister shouldn’t be in college. And my other little sister is too young to be getting married.

Just kidding, of course, but good grief, time flies. Everybody’s growing up on me.

I took 900 pictures that day, and before you get shocked, we spent two straight hours (well, minus a little driving and wardrobe changing time) shooting, plus you have to try different poses and different types of lighting and well, before you know it you’re at 900 pics to go through.

It was so much fun and I think they turned out pretty great! Lucky for me, the “clients” A.K.A. my aunt, uncle and cousin, are pleased, too.

Of the 900 I took, I gave them about 150 to choose from. And I’m giving you a few to look at, too, because I’m such a nice person and not about self-promotion at all.

Been there, done that

Whenever I get stressed, I have dreams about high school or college. I think I’ve told you about this before. In the dreams I have already graduated, but then find out that there was a class I forgot to go to. Ever. Or a test I didn’t pass so my grades are all wrong and I have to go back.

No thank you.

If when I’m stressed, the first thing my subconscious goes to is high school, that should mean it was the most stressful time of my life, right?

I don’t know. In some ways it was, but who’s isn’t. At least at the time, everything seems to be the worst possible thing or best possible thing when it happens. Until you get past high school and realize there are much more important things to worry about.

My high school experience wasn’t all bad. In fact, I liked a majority of it. I met some great people that I still keep in touch with and hang out with on a regular basis. However, the only one I see constantly from my graduating class is my roommate.

I tell you that to tell you this – in one year, my graduating class will be celebrating 10 years out of high school. They’ve already started the Facebook group and messages and stuff about what we want to do and who wants to come and I could not be less interested.

Same goes for the roommate. We’ve made a pact, I guess you could call it, to not go.

Why? ‘Cause it doesn’t matter to me. If I wanted to see these people or what they were doing I could just look at their Facebook page. And if you do that, then you don’t have to talk to them!

We’re not close. We’re not like my sister’s graduating class who basically all ended up as good friends and a majority of which went to the same college so everyone kept pretty well in touch. I saw some people from my graduating class at college – besides the group of friends I went down there with – and they acted like we’d been best friends when they saw me.

Or, in one case, when they needed help with homework because we were in the same class, all the sudden we’re buddies. When, in reality, you had about 2 words to say to me the entire four years we shared several classes a day.

I’m just not interested. I don’t want to go, so, as it stands now, I’m not.

I’ll just stick to what I’ve already done – helped out at my sister’s class reunions and tried to be an honorary member of that class. I hang out with more of them anyway.

Sweet dreams, little one

When stressed: some people develop a twitch. Others grit and grind their teeth while they sleep (which I actually kind of do too).

Weirdos, like me, have dreams that their graduation from high school was a fluke.

Yep. One of many indicators that I need a chill pill is when I wake up in the morning wondering if I really passed that class I needed to graduate. It’s happened for the past few years – obviously any and all times I’ve been stressed. Even if I think I’ve calmed down before bed, I wake up in the morning wondering how in the world they let me graduate if I failed Physics.

Uh, well, here you go. When I looked up failure on dreammoods.com – obviously the definitive source on psychoanalysis – this is what it says:

To dream of failure, signifies fears of inadequacy and low self-esteem. You are not applying yourself to the fullest potential. Or you are overwhelmed with anxiety and the pressure to excel.


Also, this – when I looked up high school:

To dream that you have to repeat high school, suggests that you are doubting your accomplishments and the goals that you have already completed. You feel that you may not be measuring up to the expectation of others. The dream may occur because some recent situation may have awakened old anxieties and insecurities.

Wanna know my problems/anxieties/fears? You just saw them, summed up in a paragraph, seriously.

I’ve had a lot of bad dreams lately, none of which I can really remember, only that I woke up after them mad, sad or really happy that it was just a dream and wasn’t real.

But these, I always remember. This last one was my Latin class. Three years of that language that no one speaks. But damn if it didn’t help with Spanish.

So, yeah. I’m trying to get the stress and anxiety under control, which I’ll gladly take tips for. And here’s hoping my dreams focus a lot more on things like being on the beach with Bradley Cooper – just an idea…