Subjecting myself to the grossness

I’m gonna watch Hoarders. For the first time in a few months. Not because I don’t like it anymore…but the last time I saw it there was a lady that ate something nasty that had been in her fridge for like, 10 years. Ew. But it has been requested that I watch an episode andContinue reading “Subjecting myself to the grossness”

Hoarders a.k.a. my weekly reminder of why I like cleanliness

Usually when I watch this show I tweet about it. And usually several of my friends do, too. But on account of Monday was Halloween and we all had more important things to do, I watched late. And I will make up for my lack of tweeting when it was on by writing this forContinue reading “Hoarders a.k.a. my weekly reminder of why I like cleanliness”

Excuse me while I throw up

Yeah, so remember that one time a bird committed suicide on my car? It happened again. Well, kind of. Only it wasn’t a bird. And it didn’t fly. But I killed it with my car by accident and I’m 99% sure it could have been avoided if the animal didn’t have a death wish. So,Continue reading “Excuse me while I throw up”

Isis the Eye Cyst

I’ve worn contacts since the summer after fifth grade. Before that I wore glasses. I will NEVER get Lasik surgery because, oh, I don’t know, I have an aversion to needles. Especially when they are coming DIRECTLY AT MY EYE. There are not enough drugs in the world… I have a fairly strong stomach, IContinue reading “Isis the Eye Cyst”

One time this moth flew up my nose.

And it has scarred me for life. I think I have what’s an average reaction to insects. I don’t scream and run and freak out. Sometimes I gag a little but usually the reaction is to get a tissue, napkin or piece of paper and squash the sucker then throw it away or flush it.Continue reading “One time this moth flew up my nose.”

It could only happen to me.

Tonight I was out with Mom and Dad and Baby Einstein at Barnes and Noble. We were walking back to the car and I felt something wet and squishy between my toes. A bug – a flying bug – had taken the two milliseconds my foot and flip flop were separated from each other toContinue reading “It could only happen to me.”

‘Tis the season of wildlife depression: drive at your own risk

It started like any other Monday morning. I was just driving to work on Interstate 71, travelling at about 75 mph. I was on the phone with my mom, talking about plans for the weekend when it happened. From my right, what looked like a small football that was thrown from the side of theContinue reading “‘Tis the season of wildlife depression: drive at your own risk”