#TBT: A bit of a quiet year

In an ideal world, one where I had loads of free time and keeping this blog up and running was my full-time (or at least part-time) job, I’d have posted a lot more this year. It wasn’t for lack of trying, or lack of things happening to write about. In fact it was the opposite.Continue reading “#TBT: A bit of a quiet year”

Always aware

It’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. I could spout off facts for you, if you want, or I can send you over to the Alzheimer’s Association’s site. They do a much better job. I could tell you how it’s affected my family, but I’ve done that. In fact, you can read the most recent example here. IContinue reading “Always aware”

A is for Angry

Know what else starts with A? Alzheimer’s. And, interestingly enough, Alzheimer’s makes me angry. November, in case you were unaware, is not only a month when nobody shaves, but it’s the month during the year designated for Alzheimer’s Awareness. One month. A month for the rest of the world — that’s never met someone withContinue reading “A is for Angry”

As well as can be expected

People have sayings, a lot of the time, whether it’s their own or something they picked up from a movie. In my case, you can usually expect to hear “You’re killing me, Smalls” on a regular basis. There are other movie quotes thrown in there in on occasion, but I don’t really have one ofContinue reading “As well as can be expected”

Nothing rhymes with purple

Personally, my favorite color is blue, but I know a lot of people who like purple. And I don’t mind it at all. In fact, a good percentage of my wardrobe is that color. Which reminds me, I need some new clothes. Meaning The Roommate’s Lady – Maegan, for future ref – needs to goContinue reading “Nothing rhymes with purple”

Wait, how many elephants?

I can’t really imagine what it must be like to not have a huge family. Like, five or more sets of aunts and uncles and 30+ cousins. There are a lot of us, and I love it. A few years ago, in lieu of a specified official T-shirt type family reunion, we had everyone downContinue reading “Wait, how many elephants?”

Throw it in the…

rubbish |ˈrəbi sh | noun waste material; refuse or litter : an alleyway high with rubbish. garbage |ˈgärbij| noun wasted or spoiled food and other refuse, as from a kitchen or household. trash |tra sh | noun discarded matter; refuse. Many of you, like me, use the words garbage and trash interchangeably. And, a coupleContinue reading “Throw it in the…”

Butturflys and grandmas

Tonight I went over to my parents’ house for a game night – in which my dad, sisters, uncle, sisters’ boyfriends and two of my boy cousins sat downstairs and played RISK for 3+ hours and my mom and I played Scrabble, Scrabble Slam and didn’t even try to act like we knew a thingContinue reading “Butturflys and grandmas”