If my blog were a human, it would be a kindergartner. Whoa. Thanks for reading all/some of this time. Y’all are the best. I like you. Like, almost as much as I like puppies. And that’s a lot.

Obviously the best idea ever

OK, so my thoughts are when you pick your five you should also be allowed an alternate, should one of your choices do something as horrible as get a bad haircut or date Scarlett Jowhocares or something equally as horrible to taint their amazingness. If that’s the case, then I know who mine is. RyanContinue reading “Obviously the best idea ever”

Sounds familiar V

I’ve been saving this up for a while, so I would have a special present to give you all to read during lil’ blog’s birthday week. You can thank me later. We’re at number 5. Or the FIF. See, Chappelle knows what I’m talkin’ about. For the fifth time – ’cause here’s one, two, threeContinue reading “Sounds familiar V”