Faves on faves

This past year was a light one on posting. Well, 2013 was I mean. I think from January 2014 to now, I’ve posted more than I posted in the entirety of the last calendar year.

Why? Because life. I dunno. But I’m glad to be getting back to (semi-)regularity.

In honor of five years today (had you heard about how I’ve had this blog for five years? Have I driven it into your brain enough?) I picked out my five favorite posts from the last year. In no particular order, I’ve listed (and linked) ’em below.

A little less medicated: Wherein I start going off of my anxiety meds. Jesus take the wheel.

• New Year’s Eve Mystery – The Case: AKA Best New Year’s Eve Of My Life

Wherein I am either the worst chaperone or the best one: That time I got a tattoo while chaperoning a church trip.

• You can take the girl outta Kentucky, but you can’t take the Kentucky outta the girl: Otherwise known as when I got to tell Travis Tritt my parents’ (and mine and several others’) favorite story about my whole childhood.

• Self-esteem boosters with Sarah: The one that started it all.


A few of my favorite things

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but those who’ve read for a while – or go back and read old posts when they’re bored – will recognize that I’m actually doing all of you a favor.

You see, I have pretty good taste in, well, all kinds of things. So I’ve gathered several of them I’ve seen recently and want to share them with you.

Here are a bunch of my current favorite things, for your enjoyment,

Watching this over and over and counting the days until March 21:

Oh Netflix, how I love thee.

I’m still not over the adorableness that is Batkid.

Tell me you’re not guilty of this yourself. I love this campaign Dove has about beauty and think it’s so important for young girls. Us older girls shouldn’t forget how important it is either!

This Twitter account. There are few things better.

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 9.51.59 PM

Yep. Exactly. All of it.

This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I wish I’d thought of it. (Related: Summer, we should be BFFs). I cried laughing pretty much the entire time. Favorite line: “I can no longer count the number of times I have said ‘Jesus Christ, Dawn,” while compiling this ranking.”

PUPPIES. I’m going to get one. Soon. I have to.


Things like this on Tumblr. Between it and TFLN, I handle my insomnia quite well these days. It’s replaced Pinterest for me.

Watercolor tattoos. I could look at them all day. And I want one.

Speaking of tattoos

Oh, and remember how I’m like, basically friends with Kelly Oxford and Young House Love has written back to me on Twitter twice? Well, add another awesome blogger/writer to that list because this happened:

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 9.52.42 PM

I’m basically in the literary/blog inner circle, right? If nothing else, one step closer to Twitter fame.

Best Week Ever. Greatest Hits.

I’m just about done telling/showing you about the Jamaica trip. Except for one more thing to tell you about later that’s such a big deal it gets its own post. And here’s a hint: It involves crossing something off my List.

But that’s for another time.

I took almost 1000 pictures that week. Well personally I probably took about 600. I gave my camera to kids/Jordon a whole lot.

I’ve shown you several, and none really do the week or the relationships we have with our friends there any justice.

But these are my absolute favorites from the trip. Please enjoy.







A few of my favorite things

So. Once upon a time I started this series of posts called “Smiley Things” and then I realized that was a silly name so I changed it.

Basically, this is a collection – which I will do on occasion – of things I currently enjoy or have found elsewhere on the Internets and think are like the coolest things ever.

So here’s the rebranded Smiley Things. A little longer than usual ’cause I feel bad for being MIA for so long (I have a guilty conscience. I’m working on it.) And this post is complete with a bit of a tease to the next post I’ll be working on. (10 points if you guess what it is).

“You dirt-eating piece of slime. You scum-sucking pig. You son of a motherless goat.”

Amazing Muppet art.

There are decent people left in the world. Something that is always important to remember.


What in thunderation? I will be working a few of these into my vocabulary. Maybe.

The above amazingness can be found here: Disney Gents From Last Night.

I have a poster of the London Underground already, but this is amazing.

Have I ever linked to this? Even if I have, it’s necessary enough to be done twice.

All the single ladies..

A combination of two of the greatest shows currently on television.

“That’s so Reagan.”

Happy Place usually has some great stuff. This doesn’t disappoint. So glad that Kentucky’s not the only one that came up with that result.

I’d like any or all of these shirts, thanks.

As if I needed another reason to love Tom Hardy… 

New favorite meme. I would like to come up with a meme in my lifetime. One that gets all famous and whatnot. Wish I’d thought of this one, but I’d have to be MUCH better at photoshop than I currently am.

Beautiful. Hey girl.

For Sami.

Al Pacino yells a lot.

This is my friend. Not Justin Timberlake. I know it might be hard to tell the difference once you watch this.

My goal is to be on this list one day. And I feel like I could get there, since, ya know, this happened:
Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 10.52.14 PM

And like 20 people favorited it – 20 people I don’t even know. So, I mean, I’m basically famous now.

My favorite posts this year – 10, to be exact

In honor of another year of blogging with double the amount of posts, comments and followers from the year before (really? What??!?) I have rounded up my personal favorites from what I’ve shared with you on this site. Some are one-hit wonders and others are part of a series. Because it’s too awesome not to, I’ve included all things Bourbon Boys, also known as that time when I drove my dad, uncles, and other awesome guys in my life on a tour of all the bourbon distilleries in the state (except one).

1. The first time I did yoga – WHAT was I thinking??

2. I wrote about when I got motivated.

3. Apparently I look like Paul McCartney?

4. Guys, I am not a painter.

5. Twice in one year I’m in a hospital because of an organ.

6. Bourbon Boyzzzz – six for the price of one.
One, two, three, four, five and six.

7. Saying goodbye to Grandpa.

8. Mission accomplished

9. Wherein my love affair with PIMM’S begins. Oh and Ashley and I went to England for a week.

10. I shared with you the story of my depression and anxiety. And it made me feel so much better.

So if you haven’t already, please read and enjoy. Or re-read and re-enjoy. Or tell me in the comments if I left any off you liked.

And thanks so much for reading!! I don’t really know why you do, a lot of the time, but I sure am grateful for it!

What happens when you mix awesome and awesomer

Y’all know I like the Muppets.

And OK Go, in addition to doing amazing songs, does amazing videos, as I shared with you here and here.

And there’s this movie coming out around Thanksgiving you may have heard a little about, but I’m sure it wasn’t from me….

So perhaps, to get people excited for said movie, or because they’re just that cool, OK Go did a video. WITH MUPPETS. Of the Muppet Show Theme Song.

The result? My new favorite thing. Don’t judge.

Also, this is equally great.

day 11 – a song from your favorite band

Asking me to name just one favorite band is like asking me to give you just one reason why I don’t like Miley Cyrus. It would take entirely too long and once I’d picked an answer I’d question it, wondering if I should have chosen something else.

Therefore, this day of the challenge is actually a challenge – see what I did there?

I could pick a song from Adele, but we did that day one.

I could pick Maroon Five, but I’ve got them saved for later on.

I could pick the cast of Glee, on account of they may be The Artist Slowly Taking Over My iTunes Library.

But I’m picking none of the above. SURPRISE.

I’m actually going to give you a song for this day – Day 11: Song from your favorite band – by a solo singer who I honestly didn’t realize I loved this much until I saw her in concert.

It’s Sara Bareilles. And though I could pick roughly any of the 20+ songs off her two albums, I’m going with my current favorite, “Uncharted.”

And if you haven’t seen this girl live, do it. One of the best concerts I’ve been to. She’s amazing.

Oh, also. Remember to catch up if you haven’t seen the rest of the challenge. Here’s days two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

10, count ’em, 10.

One year and 120 posts later, I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing. You’ve heard a lot from me this past year, like about that awkward trip to the dentist and how much I love Jason Segel.

I don’t like all the stuff I write, but there’s a few posts from the past year I’m pretty proud of. Ten, in fact. You may have read them before, but if you didn’t, I suggest you check them out. Remember, I’m all about the self-promotion.

So, without any more ado, here are my favorite posts I’ve written since March 2009, for your reading pleasure.

Oh, and they’re counted down, ’cause you know how much I like countdowns. And lists. It’s OCD, don’t judge.

10. There was that time I wrote about just how much some of the texts from textsfromlastnight.com sounded like my friends.

9. That to-do list I need to get working on… In my defense, I have bought a car on my own and am getting a massage the Friday after my birthday, so CHECK and CHECK. But I hope to accomplish a few of the bigger ones this year, like, say, run a 5K and start a book club (I promise this time) and visit a state I’ve never been to. Oh, and go to Europe. You know, the little stuff on that list…


7. I interviewed kindergartners at Christmas and re-affirmed my belief in the man in red.

6. Once, I shared with you all my irrational fears. And told you how I almost went blind.

5. I found a fall-back career in case this whole writing thing doesn’t pan out…

4. Because I know you all don’t think I’m weird enough already, I told you about that one time a moth flew up my nose.

3. Since I was born in the 80s and am probably just a horrible person, when I hear Madonna the first thing I think of is the singer. But that is not always who people mean when they say Madonna.

2. Oh, hey, guess what? I won some awards, for like, photography and design and writing and stuff. ‘Cause I’m awesome. True story.

1. And in case I haven’t annoyed you with it enough, there was that time when I bought a car. This is numero uno mainly because it is the post I’ve received more comments and feedback on than any other and also because WHO KNEW IT WAS THAT FRIGGING FRUSTRATING TO BUY A CAR?! I sure didn’t.

So there you have it. 10 posts. One year. And one hypochondriac’s self-diagnosis of carpal tunnel from ALL THAT TYPING.

Enjoy, kids.

25 Things I Love About Christmas time

It’s December! And for some reason this year I am really, really excited for Christmas.

I mean, I always love this time of year..it’s my favorite, except for the ridiculously cold weather, but this year, I dunno. I can’t wait to spend time with family, go to Christmas parties – even hosting my own (with the roommate) this year – listen to Christmas music and watch all the holiday classics.

So, for the next 25 days, until the big day, I’m going to count down all the things that I think makes this “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Enjoy, and please comment with your own favorite things about the holidays as I share mine with you. And I hope you’re all as excited for Christmas as I am! 🙂