Just because…

…I love it.

And I love you!

Enjoy. It’s a Katy Perry song, by Darren Criss. The only other combination that good is chocolate and peanut butter.


My best thing

Deena from Jersey Shore says that. The Roommate hates it.

I think by “best” she means favorite, and I know I’m right because I have relatives in New Jersey so I can speak the language. Clarification – my relatives in Jerz have nothing to do with Jersey Shore in any way, shape or form. And I’m really just guessing about the “best” stuff.

Anyways. My new best thing? This blog: #whatshouldwecallme

So funny. So great. I need to learn how to make gifs.

Swarles Barkley

Today is my soon-to-be brother-in-law’s birthday. Whoa. That’s weird to say. I haven’t wrote a blog about him before, but since they’re getting married now and he’s gonna be around more, I guess I should start.

Just kidding, he’s been around for 10 years already and this wedding thing is really just a formality to make it official and a chance for us to throw a huge party because he’s been my brother for years.

He goes by many names – Chuckie, Chuck, Charles, Swarles, Swarlees, Chuck Diesel, Charmazmin, Mister Bubbie.

And keeping with the birthday theme I’ve begun this year, I’m going to give you a list of some of the things I like about him.

Because who doesn’t like lists? Especially if they’re complimentary in nature.

1. Vacation Chuckie.
2. He’s a good motivator, he always tells people they can do something, no problem.
3. When he was little he named his dogs after kids in his class. Adorable.
4. He was my Best Band Friend in high school. I have notes somewhere with that label to prove it.
5. He takes good care of my sister. And his friends and family.
6. He’ll sing karaoke and harmonize with me, especially on the theme song from Friends.
7. Party Chuckie.
8. He’s a real-life ninja. Seriously. Don’t play ninja tag with him. You will never win.
9. He stayed outside at the Haunted Yard with me this year (that shit’s scary!)
10. Sometimes we hold hands to make Rachel mad. (Seriously you guys, I just like holding hands with people…)

Her songs are the words you can’t say

Adele can do no wrong.

If I hear a song of hers and don’t fall in love with almost immediately, well..that’s not ever gonna happen. But if it does, I will pay each of you $20.

Current favorite: Set Fire To The Rain

Seriously, just check out some of the lyrics…

I let it fall, my heart,
And as it fell you rose to claim it
It was dark and I was over
Until you kissed my lips and you saved me

My hands, they’re strong
But my knees were far too weak
To stand in your arms
Without falling to your feet

But there’s a side to you
That I never knew, never knew.
All the things you’d say
They were never true, never true,
And the games you play
You would always win, always win.

You speak for my heart, Adele. You speak for my heart.

day 19 – a song from your favorite album

My favorite album of the past 10 years – which is still protecting its title – is Maroon 5’s “Songs About Jane.”

I was given the CD (remember those?) randomly. One night in college I was riding around in Jason’s truck and noticed he had it. And apparently, he didn’t think to much of it so rather than burning me a copy of his already burnt copy, he just gave it to me.

Background on me and M5: I’m pretty sure I discovered them. Or at least loved them before anyone else. I heard “Harder to Breathe” on 102.3 and hunted it down on Limewire (remember that?), downloading it and another few songs from the album.

Since I’ve owned the CD it’s been played too many times to count, so many that it has scratches on the back of the disc and I had to download the songs legally off iTunes.

No worries though. I wanted to. Because if you’ve never heard that album, you’re missing out. There’s not a single song on there I’ll skip through – and I can count on one hand the number of CDs I feel that way about.

My absolute favorite song – that may also never be replaced – from the album is called “Sunday Morning.”

I’ll let you watch the video and decide for yourself, but I love it.

It’s the kind of song you want to listen to on a Sunday morning (see what I did there?) when it’s raining outside and your bed is comfy and you just wanna snuggle and nap and not go anywhere or do anything. Oh and when you’re in love. Because love is always nice to hear about.

day 02 – your least favorite song

Welcome to the “30 Day Song Challenge.” I found it on Facebook, and because I love you so much, I’m sharing it with you! (Feel special, k?)

Missed numero uno? No worries, find it here.

Day 2 – LEAST Favorite Song.

This one was a tough choice, because I could really just pick any one of the songs 99.7 and 98.9 overplay the crap out of. But. Instead I’m choosing a song by the band that is my least favorite, though some – including The Roommate – have tried to convince me otherwise. To no avail.

I just can’t listen to any of their stuff. I don’t know.. Just. Can’t. Do. It.

Sugarland – Probably could have picked any of their stuff but I decided on “Stuck Like Glue” because I’ve heard it the most and it’s annoying.

day 01 – your favorite song

There’s this thing going around Facebook called the “30 Day Song Challenge.” I’m doing it. Get ready.

Day 1 – Favorite Song. GO.

OK, first of all – this whole CD is amazing and I am addicted to it. Find a song on there you don’t like, I dare you.

I am loving Adele, especially her song “I’ll Be Waiting.” She’s ridiculously talented and is coming nowhere near Louisville for a concert anytime soon. Except for the Ryman. And it’s sold out. Anyone in Nashville with super-awesome connections that loves me and can help a girl out? Please and thank you.

March 22, 2011.

A.K.A. Day 2 without The Wire.

The withdrawals have begun.

I already miss Omar. And Bubbles. And McNulty. And Bunk. And Herc. And Freamon. And Greggs. Hell, I even miss Rawls.

Oh. Not sure what I’m talking about? Only the best show ever. Well, one of ’em anyway.

We all know I like and watch entirely too many television shows. I like to think I have good taste though – I’ve recommended LOST, How I Met Your Mother and Dexter to people who are now hooked (RIP LOST). I like cop shows and smart shows (please disregard my love for Jersey Shore here) and any show that can hook me in the first hour.

The Wire, recommended to me by my cousin, wasn’t high up on my list at first. He’s the only person who was telling me how good it was and he and I don’t always have the same taste in what’s good and what’s not. But after much convincing, I moved it up to the top of my Netflix queue and, well, wondering where I’ve been the last month and a half?

Yeah. Watching The Wire. All five seasons. All the f-bombs, the gangstas, the drugs and Omar whistling “The Farmer in the Dell” every time he walked up on a stash-house (where they keep the drugs, for those of you wondering) with his shotgun to rob them.

The Wire got me through appendicitis recovery and show pre-sweeps hiatuses and I’m gonna miss it. Like all my other favorite shows (too many, I know, but when you ask to borrow ’em bet you’re glad I have them to share. FOR FREE), I probably will own it at some point.

But not right now. It’s 105 bucks on Amazon.


For those of you without young children in the room and/or who don’t have an aversion to the extreme amount of cursing allowed on HBO shows, here’s a clip of all the best lines from the show. Enjoy. And then go watch all five seasons. It’s good stuff. Trust me.

These are a few of my favorite things…

I am a good sharer. Maybe it comes from being the oldest sister and cousin and always having to share with the younger kids. Or I’m just an awesome person.

I like to share things I like with other people – I hear a funny story, see a good movie, hear a great song, I want my friends and family to know about it. It’s how I’ve gotten 5 people addicted to LOST, 4 addicted to How I Met Your Mother, and 3 addicted to Dexter.

So. Now that I have this blog, when I find something funny, or awesome, I have an easy way to share it with you all. Right now, these are things that are totally rocking my world, so I suggest you try them out.

“Desparation” by Stephen King. I gave Mr. King a break for a little while..I was kind of pissed at him for scaring me off of clowns, but then he redeemed himself with “Under the Dome” so I bought a few of his older books at Half Price books, because if I ended up hating them, hey, they only cost $3. With this one though, so far, so good. I forgive you, Stevie. But I still don’t like clowns.

This little girl is hilarious. And she loves Justin Bieber. You should also check out the video from Jimmy Kimmel where the kid actually gets to meet Justin Bieber.

Dooce linked to this video on her blog, as did some of the other bloggers who I read. It’s one of the coolest music videos I’ve ever seen. Ok Go was introduced to me in college by a former roommate (not the DEVIL INCARNATE, the one before her), and I’ve loved them ever since. This is even cooler than their treadmill video.

Go see Shutter Island. And prepare to have your mind BLOWN.

iVideo Camera app on the iPhone. It cost 99 cents and I have been looking for excuses to use it since I bought it. The updates are even cooler – you can film in old-time-camera-mode and in breaking news mode..I love it.

I am so sad that this show’s almost over, but feel like I could re-watch it a million times and it’d still feel new. Only 12 episodes left until it’s over. The roommate and I are having a finale party – complete with Dharma Beer, Fish Biscuits and other nerdy stuff.

I love love love the Jeff Buckley version of this song. And then I heard this one. I’ll watch/hear anything JT does – SNL especially – and this is no exception. It’s a great version and I’ve been listening to it on repeat on my iPod since the telethon.

This may or may not be the car I get tomorrow (shhh, let’s not talk about it). My sister got a Yaris and I wasn’t sure I even wanted another little car. But I like this one. And I can afford it. I think. We’ll see. Working on the zombie look now..

I hope you enjoy these things that I’m enjoying right now. And if you have any suggestions to share – new books, movies, music, shows, etc. please let me know. 🙂