A few of my favorite things

So. Once upon a time I started this series of posts called “Smiley Things” and then I realized that was a silly name so I changed it. Basically, this is a collection – which I will do on occasion – of things I currently enjoy or have found elsewhere on the Internets and think areContinue reading “A few of my favorite things”

Operation: Get me on Jeopardy

I know some stuff. Mainly pointless stuff, like who was in what movie with who and obscure quotes from said movies and the name of the band on The Muppet Show (Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, but who doesn’t know that, right?). A few years ago they had a competition on VH1 for peopleContinue reading “Operation: Get me on Jeopardy”

One name, like Britney. Or Liza. Or Snoop.

On very rare occasions while driving, I’ll change radio stations. In doing so, I leave my favorite local station, 100.5 – which plays music from my childhood-high school years and STEP BY STEP, OOH BABY. GONNA GET TO YOU G-I-I-I-I-R-R-R-LLL. The station I usually choose is 98.9 because those DJs on 99.7 make my brainContinue reading “One name, like Britney. Or Liza. Or Snoop.”

My critiques will be free of ‘dawgs,’ mean metaphors and ridiculous percentages

I guess I’m what you’d call a media personality. I mean, I’m in the media, and I have a personality. But I’m not, like, famous or anything. Yet. 🙂 Working at a paper, especially one in a small town, you get to know people. And, usually, people know you. Or, you think they do, andContinue reading “My critiques will be free of ‘dawgs,’ mean metaphors and ridiculous percentages”