When bad auto-correct happens to good people

This weekend I’m spending some time with family and being Southern. And by that I mean, we’re eating a stew with about five different animals in it, shooting shotguns and riding ATVs. And loving every minute of it. However, I was explaining said plans to someone yesterday via text and he didn’t know what BurgooContinue reading “When bad auto-correct happens to good people”

Why I Won’t Shop At Meijer/Grammar Ninja

I have a bumper sticker on my car my roommate got me one year that says “Grammar Ninja: Ruthless, Deadly, Articulate.” It’s true. I am a Grammar Ninja of some sort, if such a thing exists. I don’t think I’m really deadly though. As a journalism major, fan of the English language and supporter ofContinue reading “Why I Won’t Shop At Meijer/Grammar Ninja”