What in the bloody hell was that?

This week I am in England. Birthplace of Harry Potter, which as a nerd, I am ridiculously addicted to.

Yep, I’m gonna be that girl in my glasses – which reminds me I need to find them… – and my wand crying through the final installment when I see it after midnight the 14th.

But for now, I’m stalking Harry Potter landmarks in London, sorry Ash, and practicing my slang.

I’ve used this for reference and will be perfecting it this week.


The countdown is on

Two weeks from today I will be on my way to another country. I will be somewhere over the rainbow Atlantic Ocean, hopefully sleeping and probably drooling because it will be 3 a.m. in London and we gotta get that jet lag shit under control before it even begins.

That’s all, really. Just wanted to let you know.

Oh, and I will be like this kid the night before. Fo. Sho.