The last day

By the last day I had decided a few things. I’d decided that I 100 percent plan to make my next significant purchase a Nikon or Canon fancy camera. I’d decided I kind of want to live in London. I’d decided I was no longer grossed out by eating either cucumbers or salmon. (But notContinue reading “The last day”

You have to admit, it’s a better name

On the last night we were in London, we were talking about the differences between America and England. After a couple lessons in speaking the language, we started talking about the important stuff. Me: “You guys have snuggies?” Seb and Emma: “What’s a snuggie?” Me: “You know, those blankets with sleeves.” Seb: “Oh those. WeContinue reading “You have to admit, it’s a better name”

The fif one

So at this point you’ve heard about almost everything. Except day fieeeeeeve and the trip home. Aren’t you excited? After cramming a ridiculous amount of sightseeing, culture, shopping, walking, tubing and food into the first four days, on the day before we left, we took it easy. Kind of. We dropped Alistair off at hisContinue reading “The fif one”

Oh you fancy, huh?

Normally I’m not a fan of Mondays. They are not my favorite. In fact, I most often refer to them as my nemesis (nemeses?). But the Monday I spent in England? Best one I’ve had in as long as I can remember. Of course, any day immediately increases in potential when it starts with oneContinue reading “Oh you fancy, huh?”

And on the third day…

…they went to see the queen. Well, her house anyway. Sunday morning we, along with probably a million other people, headed for Buckingham Palace, to watch the changing of the guard. We somehow managed to get pretty close to the fence, which really is still pretty dang far from the action. But at least weContinue reading “And on the third day…”

‘I dunno, something about baby prostitutes’ or that day we were zombies

Once upon a time, I thought I could sleep during a plane ride. I had really nothing to go on, because it’s not like I’ve ever slept on one before, not to mention I’ve never been on one long enough to really get any decent sleep. But, none of this stopped me – or AshleyContinue reading “‘I dunno, something about baby prostitutes’ or that day we were zombies”

Dazzled by the pudds

You guys, people say England isn’t known for its food. And to that, I say, “Pshaw,” on account of some of the best food I’ve ever eaten I had when I was in England. For reals. England should be known for its deliciousness. And, because we are American, we took pictures of pretty much everythingContinue reading “Dazzled by the pudds”

This kid is awesome

In addition to several adults we spent time with during our trip to England, we also got in some QT with my cousin’s 6-year-old son, Alistair. One of the funniest kids I know, seriously. The one-liners kept coming all week and there’s so much that made us laugh..I don’t know where to start. You’ve alreadyContinue reading “This kid is awesome”

Important lessons at a young age

While watching “How To Look Good Naked” in England – where at the end of the show you usually see someone naked (from the back, it’s not too crazy), we listened to Alistair’s reactions to the lady they were showing. Alistair, 6: Ooh! Woo! Underwear! (Lady on the show shows herself naked from the back)Continue reading “Important lessons at a young age”