Baby steps

I’m working on this whole photo thing. And I am getting so much better, dammit. I can take a senior portrait like nobody’s business (which reminds me – a post of those is headed your way soon) and I just did my THIRD wedding photo shoot.

So while I am definitely keeping all that up, there are a few camera-related tricks and things I want to try.

I got a C in my photography class in college – it still stings a little to say – but I’ve taught myself more than I was taught in there.

Now to play with the aperture and lenses and f-stops and whatnot. That technical stuff I was supposed to learn in college, but again, I didn’t. NOT MY FAULT.

On my list of stuff I want to do in my life, a big/little thing is light painting photography.

I am NOWHERE even close to near almost kind of knowing what I’m doing, but I played with it a little when the weather was warmer and my friends/cousins volunteered to play with sparklers so I could try.

Here’s what we got.






Like I said, it’s a work in progress….but I’m gonna keep at it.