Sounds familiar

It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these.. For those who might be new to the party… I am in about three different group texts that I communicate in regularly, with my very best friends. These texts aren’t from them, they’re ones that got submitted to, but they very easily could beContinue reading “Sounds familiar”

Bright lights big city

Two seconds into NYC this is our view. Two seconds into NYC for Megan and G, they see Peter Dinklage. (Who was referred to as “The Angry Elf” for the rest of the trip and in any mentions of him despite his other work, including his current awesomeness on Game of Thrones). Oh and speakingContinue reading “Bright lights big city”

Slowvannah ramblings

On tours we went on down in Savannah, they referred to the city by a different name: Slowvannah. ‘Cause things move slower in the south. I’ll pause while you do whatever you need to with that last sentence. Ready? OK. We learned the reason for Monday morning call-ins is often the “Slowvannah Flu.” And weContinue reading “Slowvannah ramblings”

Dazzled by the pudds

You guys, people say England isn’t known for its food. And to that, I say, “Pshaw,” on account of some of the best food I’ve ever eaten I had when I was in England. For reals. England should be known for its deliciousness. And, because we are American, we took pictures of pretty much everythingContinue reading “Dazzled by the pudds”

Reunited and it feels so…weird?   

Let me start off by saying you could not pay me enough to go back to high school. It’s bad enough it’s still what’s featured in my stress dreams. Seriously if I’m stressed, I can count on having a dream about how something got messed up when I was going through high school and IContinue reading “Reunited and it feels so…weird?   “