New Year’s Eve Mystery: The Case

Like I said in the last post, when I thought about wanting to do a Murder Mystery Party at some point, I knew who I was asking first – the Game Night group. I knew they’d take little to no convincing, as we tend to like dressing up to play games because that’s pretty muchContinue reading “New Year’s Eve Mystery: The Case”

If the whole writing thing doesn’t pan out

In 1993 two important events happened in my young (then 9-year-old) life. First? Baby Einstein was born and the world became a better place. Second? Free Willy swam into theaters. And my heart. And changed my life…for a couple of years. I’m not over-exaggerating that movie’s affect — effect? I never remember — on me.Continue reading “If the whole writing thing doesn’t pan out”


See what I did there? I’m so smart. i should totally be on Jeopardy. Ugh, dammit, Jeopardy. As many all of you know, the Jeopardy online test was Tuesday night. I was as prepared as I could possibly be, I guess, meaning I didn’t really do anything beforehand any differently from the last time IContinue reading “Post-pardyum”

Wherein a concert can make your dreams come true

Remember how I have a girl crush on Katy Perry? And how I said for the past few months how much I would enjoy being able to attend her musical performance in Louisville in September? Well, it’s a good thing I talked about it as much as I did, because boy did it pay off.Continue reading “Wherein a concert can make your dreams come true”

Sweet dreams, little one

When stressed: some people develop a twitch. Others grit and grind their teeth while they sleep (which I actually kind of do too). Weirdos, like me, have dreams that their graduation from high school was a fluke. Yep. One of many indicators that I need a chill pill is when I wake up in theContinue reading “Sweet dreams, little one”

Putting my dreams on hold

Apparently, my time spent at home recovering from the appendectomy would have been better spent studying rivers in Europe and authors from other countries. Oh, and every language but English. Because that knowledge – not my knowledge of the name of every Kevin Smith movie ever made – is what would have gotten me onContinue reading “Putting my dreams on hold”

Idea for a career change that comes up everytime I see a new musical

I am by no means an awesome singer. I can read music. I can match pitch. I can carry a tune. And given the right song to work with, I can harmonize like a champ. The extent of my singing includes that time I was in choir at church when I was like, 5 –Continue reading “Idea for a career change that comes up everytime I see a new musical”

Decapitation and Detectives

Maybe it’s because I keep watching True Blood right before bed. Maybe it’s because I saw Sherlock Holmes on New Year’s Eve and haven’t been able to NOT think about Robert Downey Jr. – or Jude Law for that matter – since. Maybe the Weight Watchers Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream has drugs in it.Continue reading “Decapitation and Detectives”