day 23 – a song that you want to play at your wedding

I’m not known to be the girliest of girls. Like, for a long time – and still most of the time now – I didn’t carry a purse. Too much to worry about. I don’t have anything pierced and I don’t wear any jewelry. I’ll wear a wedding ring, but to be completely honest –Continue reading “day 23 – a song that you want to play at your wedding”

day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure

You might expect me to say Backstreet Boys, or NSYNC or NKOTB or Glee or something for this particular day of the challenge, but you’d be wrong. Because I am not embarrassed about the love I have for any of those aforementioned groups. Yes, I still listen to ‘No Strings Attached’ sometimes when I’m driving,Continue reading “day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure”

day 09 – a song you can dance to

I feel like on this particular day of the challenge I don’t need to even explain myself. Day 9 – Song you can dance to. I know I do. And you should too. Because if you don’t then you’re probably not much fun. Just kidding. But seriously. And if you haven’t seen the SNL skitContinue reading “day 09 – a song you can dance to”

Just Dance…even if you have little to no rhythm

In the days I like to now refer to as PA – or pre-appendicitis – I broke down and bought a Wii, envisioning hours of interactive video-gaming and a fun way to exercise. Then, that unnecessary organ became the size of a softball and all I can do is the archery thing on Wii SportsContinue reading “Just Dance…even if you have little to no rhythm”

So I Don’t Think I Can Dance

I am not a dancer. Was once upon a time, before I lost all my baby teeth and learned to write in cursive. I am, however, a fan of dance. Which explains why I enjoy the show “So You Think You Can Dance.” If you’ve never watched it, you should. Some of the stuff theyContinue reading “So I Don’t Think I Can Dance”