Trust him, he was a Boy Scout.

I realize this post is coming immediately after a sweet little post about my Sunday school kiddos and the fun things they say. Well, the older kiddos say some funny stuff too – as evidenced by Bourbon Boys Round 2 this past weekend. Case in point: An inebriated Uncle Garr, giving us the best directionsContinue reading “Trust him, he was a Boy Scout.”

day 20 – a song you listen to when you’re angry

OK. In addition to not being the biggest fan of most country singers, I also don’t like being screamed at and have it called “music.” Because in my opinion, it’s not. It’s screaming. Over drums. And sometimes guitar. Not that I completely hate – I’ve been known to scream sing along with “Crazy Bitch” whenContinue reading “day 20 – a song you listen to when you’re angry”

Fear, falling and four-letter words

I have a bad habit. I curse. More than I should. I don’t know when or how it really started and I’ve been trying to cut back for a while and believe it or not it’s better than it used to be. And seriously, I could have worse habits. Nowadays, the times it happens theContinue reading “Fear, falling and four-letter words”