Wild Man Charlie

So the last time I actually sat down and wrote something for this blog was in September. And it was about my family’s dog, Lucy. The reason I haven’t really written since September also has to do with a dog. Only this time it’s my dog. That I am solely in charge of. Yes youContinue reading “Wild Man Charlie”

Sounds familiar XV

As if I would kick this important week off with anything else… Sounds like…Me (850): Although I am concerned about who made the decision to let you loose in a bridal show I am proud to see you in a sombero again. (610): I think she’s perpetually drunk (484): It’s all she knows. (484): DidContinue reading “Sounds familiar XV”

That shit cray

Y’all might have heard I have a Twitter. On that Twitter I follow people, and they follow me. (My dad is confused already, I bet.) One person I don’t follow, but debate doing so at least once a month is Kanye West. Why? Because he’s insane. He tweets a lot so it can get kindContinue reading “That shit cray”

Solution to that pesky student loan debt

During a conversation updating us on the recent antics of an ex-boyfriend, one of my bffs came up with the best plan to deal with him. Killing two birds with one stone, if you will. Sammi: “If you get paid to be on Jerry Springer and I could pay my student loans off, I’d goContinue reading “Solution to that pesky student loan debt”

The creepiness of the music of the night

More often than not, friends and family members will pass along things that they’ve seen/heard at their jobs they know I will enjoy. This is the reason I have a ceramic bear holding a heart that says “Your sweet.” (Your sweet what?) It’s also the reason you’ve gotten to read the chronicles of cubicle neighbor-dom.Continue reading “The creepiness of the music of the night”

Decapitation and Detectives

Maybe it’s because I keep watching True Blood right before bed. Maybe it’s because I saw Sherlock Holmes on New Year’s Eve and haven’t been able to NOT think about Robert Downey Jr. – or Jude Law for that matter – since. Maybe the Weight Watchers Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream has drugs in it.Continue reading “Decapitation and Detectives”

The Real World is not real.

For some strange reason I keep subjecting myself to the RIDICULOUSNESS that is MTV’s The Real World. Why, you ask? Maybe because it makes me feel better about myself. I am thankful that neither I nor anyone else in my life are that crazy. Where do they find these people? They’ve all got some sortContinue reading “The Real World is not real.”