ANOTHER magical night

Once upon a time my girls and I had a Girls Night and watched Magic Mike. Another night, we got brave and decided to do crafts and watch the best sequel of all time, Magic Mike XXL. What follows, as before, is the unfiltered commentary overheard (from me by them) during the run of that beautifulContinue reading “ANOTHER magical night”

Bright lights big city

Two seconds into NYC this is our view. Two seconds into NYC for Megan and G, they see Peter Dinklage. (Who was referred to as “The Angry Elf” for the rest of the trip and in any mentions of him despite his other work, including his current awesomeness on Game of Thrones). Oh and speakingContinue reading “Bright lights big city”

Sounds familiar XVIII

Really, these are self-explanatory at this point. And look, Steph, you’re included this time! Sounds like… me (352): You were so drunk you tried to sell your salsa to everyone on the restaurant. (606): after I lost so many games of beer pong they made me be a troll, I sat under the table andContinue reading “Sounds familiar XVIII”

The ‘Net’

No, not the Sandra Bullock movie (though bonus points for you if you knew that was a SB movie). And no, not the abbrevs vers of the Internet. For the purposes of this entry, the Net refers to a group of friends. It’s a term that was used by a favorite blogger of mine, KelleContinue reading “The ‘Net’”

Move over, professional photographers

I don’t know if y’all heard, but this girl got a camera for Christmas. Naturally, the first thing I did was recruit some guinea pigs sisters and cousins to help me test out my shooting ability. I gave them no direction, just said they’d each get a turn as an art director. The results? ProbablyContinue reading “Move over, professional photographers”

We’ve all gotten a little bit taller since then…

Hey turkeys, I hope you had the happiest of Thanksgiving. My family’s was pretty great, but more on that later. At Grandma’s back in the day, we always got pictures taken of all the grandkids at every holiday. I, being the oldest, have always been the designated baby-holder, ’cause I’m responsible and whatnot. A fewContinue reading “We’ve all gotten a little bit taller since then…”

20. Family

Today, as is tradition every year on the weekend before Christmas, my family had their annual Christmas party. There’s always a TON of food – and by ton I mean RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS – and we do a white elephant gift exchange. This year there were 30 people that had to steal presents from each otherContinue reading “20. Family”