Concert crush

The last concert I attended was Katy Perry. And it was amazing. So, I had to follow it up with something equally as awesome, if not more. And I think I did. The other night I saw Mumford and Sons at the Waterfront. And it was ridiculous – and by ridiculous here I mean, ofContinue reading “Concert crush”

So sweet I got a toothache

I’m a fan of sweet little love songs. Yes, I love the ballads and the hardcore Adele-type love stuff, but my favorite songs about the L-word are more of the Jason Mraz, “I’m Yours” type. Cutesy stuff and whatnot. With my generally tough exterior, who’d have guessed, right? Shh. So it’s actually because of JasonContinue reading “So sweet I got a toothache”

The first sign your friend might be a serial killer

A few years ago I went to see Dave Matthews Band with my friend, Amber, at Riverbend. Awesome venue, weird rules. Like, no chairs allowed, even though a majority of the venue is grass. Amber was not a fan of the chair rule. Was it because they were worried about people hitting each other withContinue reading “The first sign your friend might be a serial killer”

Wherein a concert can make your dreams come true

Remember how I have a girl crush on Katy Perry? And how I said for the past few months how much I would enjoy being able to attend her musical performance in Louisville in September? Well, it’s a good thing I talked about it as much as I did, because boy did it pay off.Continue reading “Wherein a concert can make your dreams come true”