10 years later

Where was I that day? In newspaper class, fittingly, my senior year of high school. We watched as the first tower smoldered and then, live, as the second tower was hit. We watched them fall in the next class period, as I sat next to a friend who was worried for the safety of aContinue reading “10 years later”

My dad’s proud that he knows who “Little Wayne” is

Here’s the column my dad wrote for the paper. In honor of Father’s Day, I’ll share it with you guys. He’s funny. And self-deprecating. And like I said yesterday, doesn’t give himself nearly as much credit as he should. Must be where I get it from. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading thisContinue reading “My dad’s proud that he knows who “Little Wayne” is”

My dad doesn’t give himself enough credit

It’s where I get it from, I’m convinced. So. With that in mind, here is my column from this week’s paper – our Father’s Day edition. It’s like what we did for Mother’s Day. My dad wrote a column that ran next to mine. I’ll post his tomorrow. For now, read mine. 🙂 Please? AboutContinue reading “My dad doesn’t give himself enough credit”