The land of lost sunglasses, chapstick and tiny hats?

There were a few things I knew I’d find in the process of cleaning out my bedroom closet. • Clothes I haven’t worn since I moved in last May • This tiny hat hair clip I bought for New Years 2015 and will never wear again • Every newspaper clipping of mine since the beginningContinue reading “The land of lost sunglasses, chapstick and tiny hats?”

More cleaning than springing

I’ve not really done the whole “Spring Cleaning” thing before. I mean, I’ve thrown stuff out and I’ve usually done it when the weather’s warm, because, let’s face it, who wants to leave the house when it’s cold, let alone trudge all the way to the dumpster? By the way, it’s still cold. Didn’t springContinue reading “More cleaning than springing”