I see (more) famous people

OK, so where were we? Oh. EMILIO!! “The Mighty Ducks man, I swear to God.” If you know what that quote’s from then I love you. If not, I have a movie to recommend to you. Anyways. So we met Emilio. And his friend whose name I really don’t remember but she was super niceContinue reading “I see (more) famous people”

I see famous people

For a long time, the closest I had ever been to a “real celebrity” (you’ll understand the quotes in a second) was that one time at Freedom Hall before the Backstreet Boys concert in my early teens when their opener, THE Aaron Carter, ran along the barricades of fans outside before the show giving highContinue reading “I see famous people”

That bird is not my doppleganger

Until Facebook started this whole “Celebrity Doppleganger” profile picture thing a week or so ago, the last time I’d heard that word used was in an old SNL sketch where Tracey Morgan was Brian Fellows, the host of Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet. In one of the sketches, Brian interviews a parrot who can repeat “I’mContinue reading “That bird is not my doppleganger”