Self-esteem boosters with Sarah

She’s been quiet with the compliments (backhanded and otherwise) for a while, but never fear, today she made up for it. When we were getting ready to get in cars and head over to do a service project, she and three other middle school girls claimed my car for the trip over. However… “Laura’s carContinue reading “Self-esteem boosters with Sarah”

Incredible and insane

I think when OK Go plans their music videos, they start out with the thought “What’s the most random thing we could do this time?” And then they go like, 100 miles beyond that. You know I love them. Their music is great and I’ve been a fan since college when a former roommate introducedContinue reading “Incredible and insane”

In lieu of a suggestion…kind of

So Sunday’s the day I usually give you a suggestion of some sort – read this, see that, don’t waste your time, this is amazing, blah blah blah. Well I don’t really have a suggestion for you tonight. But that doesn’t mean I’ll leave you hangin’. On nights like these, when I don’t have somethingContinue reading “In lieu of a suggestion…kind of”

Excuse me while I throw up

Yeah, so remember that one time a bird committed suicide on my car? It happened again. Well, kind of. Only it wasn’t a bird. And it didn’t fly. But I killed it with my car by accident and I’m 99% sure it could have been avoided if the animal didn’t have a death wish. So,Continue reading “Excuse me while I throw up”

‘Tis the season of wildlife depression: drive at your own risk

It started like any other Monday morning. I was just driving to work on Interstate 71, travelling at about 75 mph. I was on the phone with my mom, talking about plans for the weekend when it happened. From my right, what looked like a small football that was thrown from the side of theContinue reading “‘Tis the season of wildlife depression: drive at your own risk”