In lieu of buying all those stamps…

For the past couple years I’ve been a legit grown-up – out of school with a job and apartment – I’ve sent Christmas cards to family and friends. This year, for many reasons, I decided not to send any. Instead I’m being cheap and sort-of creative. Plus, pretty much everyone that I’d be sending aContinue reading “In lieu of buying all those stamps…”

I’m a product of my generation

I’m not proud of this. Today, my mom and I were out doing some Christmas shopping and stopped by the post office because I needed to get stamps for my Christmas cards. When I got up to the counter, I asked the girl for a book of stamps. She said, “All I have right nowContinue reading “I’m a product of my generation”

Smooth criminal

I don’t wear turtlenecks. I cut the necks on my hoodies so they aren’t so close to my neck. I don’t wear necklaces and when I do, they aren’t tight ones. Why? Because all of those things make me feel like I’m choking. Seriously. Even t-shirts sometimes feel too tight around my neck and I’llContinue reading “Smooth criminal”