Forever a bookworm

Buckle up for some humblebragging. I could read before kindergarten. In fact, when I went into kindergarten, I once got in trouble for reading the teacher’s lesson plans. THAT WERE IN CURSIVE. In first grade, during reading time, the teacher sent me to the class with fourth- and fifth-graders to read with them. All throughContinue reading “Forever a bookworm”

I wonder if his friends call him Huggy Bear

Sometimes I see blogs like People of Walmart or People of the Park and think “Why couldn’t I come up with something like that?” I mean, I like people-watching as much as the next person and it’d be awesome to get paid just for leaving the house and seeing what the crazies and weirdos areContinue reading “I wonder if his friends call him Huggy Bear”

I’m gonna need a bigger bookshelf

My perfect day – if I could have a day just to do this and nothing else – would include little more than a comfortable chair and a stack of books. Oh, and lunch delivered from McAlister’s. Seriously though. I love to read. Always have. And I’m pretty good at it. Insert moment of shamelessContinue reading “I’m gonna need a bigger bookshelf”