My favorite posts this year – 10, to be exact

In honor of another year of blogging with double the amount of posts, comments and followers from the year before (really? What??!?) I have rounded up my personal favorites from what I’ve shared with you on this site. Some are one-hit wonders and others are part of a series. Because it’s too awesome not to,Continue reading “My favorite posts this year – 10, to be exact”

Wherein I contemplate getting a brand-new face

I hate my senior pictures. There I said it. Hate them. It’s really not a secret though, I’ve joked on them since we got the proofs and my mom framed an 8-by-10 of probably the worst one, one that still hangs in the family room at their house, so that the only way I couldContinue reading “Wherein I contemplate getting a brand-new face”

And on the third day…

…they went to see the queen. Well, her house anyway. Sunday morning we, along with probably a million other people, headed for Buckingham Palace, to watch the changing of the guard. We somehow managed to get pretty close to the fence, which really is still pretty dang far from the action. But at least weContinue reading “And on the third day…”