This band is why MTV should still play videos.

There’s this band I heard about from one of my college roommates. They’re called OK Go and if you have no idea who I’m talking about, it’s that band that did an entire music video with a routine on treadmills. Amazing.

Their last video was even more awesome and remains the coolest one I’ve ever seen.

This is the newest one. And while my jaw didn’t drop from it’s insane tricks and surprises, I still like it a lot. Plus there’s dogs in it. So, there’s no way it can’t be good.


…and we’re the three best friends that anyone could have, we’re the three best friends…

I really hope you got the title of this post. If you didn’t, well, you need to watch more movies – good movies.

What it really means, though, is that this past weekend I got to do what only happens a few times a year. I got to get together with my seven best friends from college for a weekend of awesomeness. For us, that means an ab workout just from all the laughing, and tons of good quotes and stories that we’ll talk about the next time we all get together. And the next time after that. And after that. Oh, and this particular time, we got together to watch one of ours get married.

Daniel and Katy got married Saturday and the weekend is one of the most fun I’ve had in a while. Even though we don’t all get to see each other when we do, we make it count.

Here’s proof – just a taste of the three days of awesome. Including quotes that were said by the people in this picture:

“Baby wants a salad.”

“Baby likes the grass.”

“Baby needs a miracle.”

“Baby is wasted.”

“Baby has not been like this since 2007.”

“I’m gettin’ real close to givin’ up.”

“I’m naked from the waist down.”

“What’s Hunter’s last name?”

“Do you have a fence?”

“Do you give advice?”

Ashley stares at me while she drinks pickle juice. Out of a bag.
“That pickle was a bad idea. (BURP)”
“It had a tail.”

“These Grippo’s are hot. We are like dragons.”

“If we weren’t (insert age between 80 and 112 here) then we could still hang.”

“It’s never too early to fist pump.”

“You caressed his face.”
“Yep. And then he said, ‘I’m going where she’s going.'”

“They won’t take us, they said five is too many.”

“Did you hear those Woo Girls downstairs?”

“Fist pumping is hard work – that’s why they go to the gym. I will never make fun of Snooki again.”

Me: “The Situation we are not.”
Rebeck: “I’m The Problem.”

“My hand was in the toilet water.”
“Because it felt good.”

“We were freezing. Because we were just covered in a piece of tissue paper.”

“When we’re done climbing Mt. Kilamunjaro…”

“This feels like a mountain.”

“Trevor is on life support.”

“My how the tables have turned…”

“I like the way you say ‘penguin.’ In Muhlenburg County we say ‘pennnnguin.’ You say ‘pinguin.'”

“I’m hungry. I want to go get an omelet.”


“Just sayin’.” (Insert Snooki hand movement here).

“If they hadn’t taken away the wine cup pyramid, I’d have been able to keep track of how many I had.”

“You tried to steal sea salt.”

“I think someone stole one of my kidneys last night.”

“We’re gonna have to carry Baby out of here.”
Sammi: “On a stretcher.”

“We’ve nominated you to be the one that Stevie feeds like a baby bird later.”

“I spit chicken sandwich on the dashboard.”

“The bathroom floor was hard at one point, so I moved to the carpet..”

“And I said to him ‘Baby..’ …but I didn’t call him ‘Baby.'”

This is Stevie, by the way:

Other things we learned:
– If there are no options left for how you should pose in a picture, go with the “Coppertone Baby.”
– Buying drinks for each other at the gas station is totally romantical. As is eating an entire bag of Grippo’s and opening one of said drinks before you’ve even paid for your purchases.
– Giant pickles do not make a good breakfast. Especially if they have a growth.

– Trevor sometimes sleeps face down with all his clothes on on top of the covers. Do not be alarmed.
– Sammi sometimes sleeps on a couch cushion in front of the bathroom. Again, don’t be alarmed.
– Just when you think someone might be asleep, they roll over and poke you in the forehead and say “Boink!” Three Stooges-style.
– Hypochondria is real. And if you think you might have a concussion, don’t WebMD it.
– If the event you’re attending is black tie, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring a penguin head on a stick. However, he will sneak into almost all your pictures.
– Penguin heads on a stick also: eat bubbles, bite children, throw up the marbles from centerpieces, throw up in people’s purses, will feed you a Listerine strip from their mouth and can’t hold their liquor.

– Our group of friends WILL be the ones that sing ‘our version’ of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”even if children are around.
– We will also be the ones fist-pumping. With the bride and groom.
– No matter what the bartender at Joe’s tells you, you CANNOT stand on tables at Hofbrauhaus. Or you will get yelled at.
– Not everyone will tell you what just happened if you walk through a mysterious orange-ish puddle. And who needs those caution signs?
– Sammi likes accordions.
– Eight people can fit in Erin and Nick’s jeep. But not all of them will be comfortable.
– When “Party in the USA” comes on, this happens:

And finally, no matter how far we live apart or how long it is between reunions, when we’re together it’s like nothing has changed. These are some of the greatest people I’ve ever met and my life would not be the same without them. Love you guys!

LOST. Ever heard of it?

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you don’t like awesome TV, or you just haven’t gotten into it (yet), you know that the most awesome show ever, LOST, is about to premiere it’s series finale. NEXT SUNDAY. So sad. Yet so awesome. We’ll finally – hopefully – know at least kind of what it’s all about and can re-watch the whole series from a new angle.

My roommate and I are having a party, with about 15 to 20 people to watch the finale and it’s gonna be great. I made some kick-ass invitations, if I do say so myself (my friend Liz posted pictures of hers on Facebook).

Yeah…I made those. Don’t judge. They’re amazing.

The actual party, is, of course, a week from tomorrow. You’ll definitely see a post showing all the amazingness after next Sunday. And I’m not going to spill all the stuff we’ve got planned yet for our guests, but suffice it to say, it will be the best party for a TV show ever. Just wait and see.

The best show I never watched. Until it was cancelled.

There’s a few shows people have always told me I should watch, but I never seem to listen. I mean, I’ll get to them eventually, but I already have too much to keep track of on the ol’ TiVo as it is!

Thank God for Netflix.

Because of Netflix, I’m caught up on a show I’ve been told for a long, long time I’d love but never seemed to get around to watching. And whaddya know? My friends were right! I’m not the only one who suggests TV shows to people that gets them addicted.

So what show am I talking about? ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

For the past two and a half weeks or so, I’ve been watching episodes on Netflix, and the other night, I finished watching the series finale. The whole time I was watching it though, it was like a drug. I’d be somewhere, thinking, “I’ve gotta watch some Arrested Development tonight when I get home.”

How cool am I, right? Yeah…don’t answer that.

But seriously. Besides Modern Family, it’s the only show I’ve ever watched (OK and besides America’s Funniest Home Videos, too) that keeps me CONSTANTLY laughing the whole episode.

Take, for example, this clip:

I don’t care if you laughed or not, because I’ve watched it three times in the past 20 minutes and almost cried every time. Just watch the show.

And somebody buy me the DVDs, I need a fix. Plus, the dreams about Jason Bateman have stopped. And nobody wants that…

Happy belated, Baby Einstein

OK, so I’m a week late. But one week ago today – Feb. 10, my baby sister turned 17. SEVENTEEN. I could give you all these reasons why I didn’t write this last week – I’ve been busy, there was cake and ice cream to be eaten, I had to shop for a car so I can drive in the snow because we may never see the sun again – but that would be ridiculous.

So. I’m writing to tell you a little bit about my little sister, Sami. You may know her by other names, my dad calls her Cheesebob, Cheese Head and Shankopotamus.

This is my littlest sister (I have two, if you are reading this and don’t know me, which I doubt).

She’s a junior in high school and she’s pretty awesome. She’s gonna be an anthropologist or archaeologist or zoologist or some kind of -ologist that makes millions of dollars and has homes in places like Greece and Italy, which is totally fine with me because I’ve always wanted to visit there and what better reason to go than to visit family – not to mention the free place to stay…

There are nine years of age difference between Sami and I. As she’s gotten older, I think she and I have gotten a lot closer – especially now that she’s in high school. I work as a youth leader with the youth group she’s a member of, and we’ve taken trips to Florida and Jamaica together and shared a room together at the beach this past summer.

She makes me laugh, like when she translates Spanish on COPS when she watches it at my house and ESPECIALLY when she does a dead-on impression of the guy in the “Can I have yo numba” skit from MadTV. Seriously. Ask her to do it sometime.

I call her Baby Einstein because she always has an interesting fact to share – and has for as long as I can remember – whether its from a book, the Travel Channel or something she learned in school. This is the kid who as a toddler carried around a Latin dictionary.

She will always be a kid to me, whether she likes it or not. I don’t feel all that old so there’s no way she can be getting older. I am, however, excited to see what she ends up doing as far as college and a career.

So. Even though I’m a week late, and I went out to dinner and had cake and ice cream with her and watched her open her presents – and found a mysterious Barbie car we have yet to figure out where it came from – I’m gonna tell her happy birthday again. And a couple other things.

Hey, Sam, you like Mike and Ikes?

Also, Gutangen.

Happy birthday, Baby Einstein.

One time, Jesus made me a pizza

Last night at work, I was telling Jackie of an interesting pizza delivery one night when I lived in my last apartment. I should have written about it when it happened, but I don’t remember if I had this blog then.

So, one night I place an order with PJ’s – of course – and when they brought the pizza there was a tag on the side with the information: what kind of pizza it was, when the order was called in and who prepared it. Where they list the name, however, I’m pretty sure they only have space for a few of the letters of the person’s name, which brings me to the discovery….

Who prepared it? Well according to the information on the tag…
“Your order was prepared by Christ.”

My thoughts?
“This pizza’s gonna be amazing!”