Play photos, Act I

Remember when I told you how I learned to take pictures of things in motion? Well, now, I can take pictures of things when the lighting is horrible. And they turn out well! Who knew? Everything I’ve learned about photography I’ve basically taught myself. Yes, I took a photo class in college, but that wasContinue reading “Play photos, Act I”

10, count ’em, 10.

One year and 120 posts later, I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing. You’ve heard a lot from me this past year, like about that awkward trip to the dentist and how much I love Jason Segel. I don’t like all the stuff I write, but there’s a few posts from theContinue reading “10, count ’em, 10.”

Award-winning journalist. No, seriously.

Until I started working at my current job, the only recognition in plaque or certificate form I’d ever received for my writing consisted of two things: a homemade sheet of card stock on which the Relay for Life rep in the county where I was editor wrote that I was awesome at covering the event,Continue reading “Award-winning journalist. No, seriously.”