So fresh and so clean…ish

So cleaning month is going pretty well. So well, in fact, that it will have to continue into the next month because I still haven’t tackled that guest bedroom closet yet. But for good reason – I had company here for Derby and also May is always the most insane month of all months (everyoneContinue reading “So fresh and so clean…ish”

Top 10, take two

To kick off blog birthday week, my suggestions this week are a bit on the self-promotion side. OK, they’re all the way on the self-promotion side. I can’t lie to you guys. This week my blog turns two. Hopefully, unlike I’ve heard it is with kids, this two-year-old won’t have anything remotely close to terrible.Continue reading “Top 10, take two”

It’s been a long couple of weeks..

Things I will not miss about my two weeks of appendicitis-imposed home incarceration, in no particular order: • Being stuck at home. • The lack of anything worth watching on daytime TV – see: why I watched almost an entire trial on In Session. • Looking around my room and wondering how I could re-arrangeContinue reading “It’s been a long couple of weeks..”