If I were a superhero

First of all, the thought of me as a superhero makes me laugh. Several reasons…you have to wear super-tight clothing, which I do not. You have to be rich, which I am not. And I didn’t have a traumatic childhood experience that completely changed me or a magnet placed in the center of my chest,Continue reading “If I were a superhero”

Not sleeping is not a good thing

For a good portion of my adult life – I’m counting mainly after college – I’ve had trouble, off and on, with insomnia. A little over a year ago, when my anxiety was at an all-time high, it was probably the worst it’s been. Lots of late-night TV and Internet roaming for this lady. DuringContinue reading “Not sleeping is not a good thing”

It’s like allergies. For your brain.

I have a dream of a day when I’ll wake up without one of the following – a headache, a stuffy nose or a sore throat. And on that day, I don’t know what I’ll do, on account of I’ve never had a miracle happen to me before so I don’t really know the protocol,Continue reading “It’s like allergies. For your brain.”

Sweet dreams, little one

When stressed: some people develop a twitch. Others grit and grind their teeth while they sleep (which I actually kind of do too). Weirdos, like me, have dreams that their graduation from high school was a fluke. Yep. One of many indicators that I need a chill pill is when I wake up in theContinue reading “Sweet dreams, little one”

You’d think I’d have more impressive calf muscles

Note: When I typed that headline at first, I typed musicals. I have entirely too many Glee songs on my iPod. Contrary to popular belief – and previous posts – this will not be about running. More on that another time. ‘Cause that’s just going swimmingly. In unrelated news, I really wish there was aContinue reading “You’d think I’d have more impressive calf muscles”

Whenever I get sad, I stop being sad…

…and be awesome instead. That’s a quote from a show. Don’t act like you’re surprised – TV and movies are where most of my conversations come from anyway, remember? This particular one is from How I Met Your Mother and maybe one of the best characters on TV, Barney Stinson. It’s also kind of beenContinue reading “Whenever I get sad, I stop being sad…”

Too late to apologize

OK, so I’m trying this new thing. And I need your help. Because, though it’s not really an addiction, there’s something I do a lot that needs to stop. Apologizing. Now, I’ll of course still apologize if I do something really wrong or upset someone or hurt their feelings or accidentally step on their footContinue reading “Too late to apologize”