B.A. (Before Adele)

Long before I discovered counseling, I had my own version of therapy. It was called “listen to this song because it’s about exactly what you’re going through so someone GETS you right now, it’s like they KNOW.” And then I turned 16 and wised up. Just kidding. Throughout my teenage years, then college to now,Continue reading “B.A. (Before Adele)”

On repeat this week

Bon Iver. Prior to like, Tuesday, what I knew of him consisted of the news story where it mentioned that Bon Iver won one of the only Grammys Adele DIDN’T win (and rightfully so, I love that girl), and also the skit where my boy JT played him on SNL. But yeah, heart him rightContinue reading “On repeat this week”

Her songs are the words you can’t say

Adele can do no wrong. If I hear a song of hers and don’t fall in love with almost immediately, well..that’s not ever gonna happen. But if it does, I will pay each of you $20. Current favorite: Set Fire To The Rain Seriously, just check out some of the lyrics… I let it fall,Continue reading “Her songs are the words you can’t say”

Press play. Listen. Be amazed. Repeat.

What’s better than one Adele song? Two put together. And done amazingly. And downloaded onto my iPod so I can listen to it whenever I want. Yes it’s Glee. But forget that for a minute if you’re not a fan – in which case, really? Have you heard ANY of the music from it? –Continue reading “Press play. Listen. Be amazed. Repeat.”

day 01 – your favorite song

There’s this thing going around Facebook called the “30 Day Song Challenge.” I’m doing it. Get ready. Day 1 – Favorite Song. GO. OK, first of all – this whole CD is amazing and I am addicted to it. Find a song on there you don’t like, I dare you. I am loving Adele, especiallyContinue reading “day 01 – your favorite song”