Gold Medal in Spectating

You guys, I am so obsessed with the Olympics. I’m watching it as I write this, like I have been, with any second of free time I have except for from 10-11 on Sunday nights because that’s when Breaking Bad is on and I need to know how much crazier Walter White’s gonna get. IContinue reading “Gold Medal in Spectating”

Playlist fo da summah

Sometimes I get really tired of all of the music on my iPhone. And then I’m greatfuil for Pandora and for the iPhone’s capabilities to let me listen to music through THAT rather than the songs I spent money on. Because that makes all the sense in the world. I don’t make mixed CDs anymore,Continue reading “Playlist fo da summah”

Florence and the frigging Machine

I’ll be back this weekend/next week with some more substantial posts, because I know you’ve missed me this week. But I had kiddos to chaperone at Disney World and work to catch up on and OMG I need to finish the last Hunger Games book. So for now, please be content with this. Because IContinue reading “Florence and the frigging Machine”

day 01 – your favorite song

There’s this thing going around Facebook called the “30 Day Song Challenge.” I’m doing it. Get ready. Day 1 – Favorite Song. GO. OK, first of all – this whole CD is amazing and I am addicted to it. Find a song on there you don’t like, I dare you. I am loving Adele, especiallyContinue reading “day 01 – your favorite song”

March 22, 2011.

A.K.A. Day 2 without The Wire. The withdrawals have begun. I already miss Omar. And Bubbles. And McNulty. And Bunk. And Herc. And Freamon. And Greggs. Hell, I even miss Rawls. Oh. Not sure what I’m talking about? Only the best show ever. Well, one of ’em anyway. We all know I like and watchContinue reading “March 22, 2011.”