welcome, welcome, welcome

So, I have a blog again.

I have thought about it for a while and people have told me a few times that I should start one, and really, the only thing that was keeping me from starting one is lack of a name. I’m not good with headlines sometimes, and I tend to get a creativity block when I’m trying to come up with a title for stuff.

Anthony came up with the name for this one, I had been overthinking it, trying to be super-creative. I even went to this Web site that generated names randomly. This thing could have been named “Sailor’s Apartment” because that was the most random one that came up. 🙂 But yeah, Anthony thought of this one, and it makes sense. It’s a phrase I use every so often and did especially a lot around the 2003-2005 era. Haha. And it’s perfect.

So, here it is. Read it, love it, bookmark it. 🙂 I’ll just be writing about the funny or random stuff that happens to me, or I see or hear about, just to warn you. If you do read it, however, I hope you enjoy it, I hope it makes you laugh or whatever…thanks for reading!