Life List

Once upon a time, I made a list. Of things I wanted to do before I turned 30.

Then it morphed. It became stuff I wanted to do at some point in my life, because I live my professional life by deadlines, so these things should be done when I want and how I want.

The list has changed and will continue to, I’m sure, because I am entitled to change my mind. But for now, here it is. I’m including those things I’ve checked off and in some cases, if I’ve written about them, I’ve linked to ’em for your reading pleasure.

What’s on your Life List?

• Ride in a hot air balloon.
• See the Red Sox play in Fenway Park – and see the Green Monster.
• Get tickets to a concert somewhere in the first five rows.
• Read the Bible all the way through.
Volunteer regularly with an organization.
• Go to Ireland, Greece and Italy
• Visit 10 states I’ve never been to.
1. Colorado
Buy a house.
Buy a car on my own.
• Swim with dolphins.
Go to the Derby.
Learn how to throw a football.
• Take a cooking class.
• Learn how to play golf.
RUN a 5K.
Make a donation to a deserving organization.
• Go to a taping of Ellen.
Get a tattoo.
Go tubing.
Go to a spa and get a full body massage.
Play paintball.
• See a Broadway show. ON BROADWAY.
• See a taping of Saturday Night Live.
• Be an extra in a movie.
• Start a book club.
• Visit Australia.
Host or attend one of those murder mystery parties.
• Buy a painting done by an elephant.
• Stand in a celebrity’s footprints at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
Be in a flash mob.
• Ride a horse on the beach.
• Swim in every ocean.
Visit an aquarium.
• Be conversational in Spanish.
• Learn more sign language.
Do a Polar Bear Plunge.
• Sleep in an overnight train (And maybe pretend its taking me to Hogwarts…).
• Make 10 things I found on Pinterest:
       1 State string art

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